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  1. Good question. I went on my first cruise in 2017 and we used the lifts which were spacious but I hadn't been to Circular Quay station for years before that. There may have been some work as it looked more "modern" than waht I remember years and years ago.
  2. Circular Quay train station is the closest station to the Overseas Passenger Terminal. It's an easy 5 minute stroll from the station. Circular Quay station is on the "city circle" line (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_Quay_railway_station). The moment the train pulls into the station, you'll see Splendor docked. This is the view from the station. This is in fact Legend when we were on her a couple of years ago. That station itself has large elavators, great for suitcases, etc.
  3. I rang Canrival and was able to elect FCC + OBC bonus and transfer that my courtesy-held cruise on which I hadn't laid down a deposit. I'm just waiting for everyhting to show up in the planner.
  4. OK, thanks. I might call up later this afternoon when it's morning in the US to do this. Thanks you again for the ino.
  5. Having had another cruise cancelled by Carnival, I'm deciding whether or not to take the Future Cruise Credit and bonus onboard credit of $900AUD. I've been browsing available and found another that's about the same price as the cancelled one and it already offers $500AUD onboard credit; adding the bonus onboard credit would give me $1400 in total. I was able to simply put this cruise on courtesy hold without paying anything. Now, the terms and conditions from Carnival state that FCC can't be used as a deposit. But what if I simply call up and move the FCC straight to the courtesy hold booking? I'm happy to call but obviously, I don't want to tie up Carnival's phone lines unnecessarily. The deposit on this new cruise is $300. The total of the $300 deposit plus the FCC would be higher than the cruise fare. I believe I forfeit any FCC above the cruise fare. Has anyone done this without laying down a deposit first?
  6. My first cruise ever was onboard Carnival Legend back in early 2017. We were coming back from New Caledonia towards Sydney and on the last day we had some gnarley weather. I think the waves hit about 9m. I was in the elevator heading up to deck 8 (where the buffet is) when there was a large jolt. And I mean large. On deck 8 in the centre of ship, there had been such flex in the vessel a few tiles had popped off the floor. After that, I used the stairs! I'd hate to see things at 14m seas.
  7. What sort of wave would be needed to capsize a vessel like this? What about a cruise ship?
  8. In Australia, at least for Australian and New Zealand sailings, gratuities are built into the fare. They're never displayed when booking or on the cruise contract. So using OBC for gratuities isn't an option. When I get a chance this week, I might give Carnival a call. As our Carnival Australia number gets routed to the US, I didn't want to necessarily tie up resources. I'll call them and see what they can do for me. I also added Faster to the Fun a couple of months ago to this cruise so I couldn't simply ask for that to be thrown in in lieu of a rebate. This was just booked on a regular fare. No casino fares or anything. I don't recall what fare code this was booked under as I think it was booked under the old Carnival Australia website before they moved their booking engine to the US system.
  9. Earlier this year, I booked a cruise for February 2021 directly through Carnival's website. I got the room of my choice and paid about $2900AUD. I paid the deposit and some installments. A lot of it was paid with future cruise credit from another cruise that got cancelled. I'm also getting onboard credit of $900 that Carnival gave me for the cancelled cruise. I still owe around $600. I've checked the cruise again and found that a similarly-located cabin now brings a it to a price of around $2200AUD. That a savings of about $700. My question is whether I should pursue any sort of claim for the price difference. I have read on these forums of people doing that. They usually end up with OBC but I have enough OBC. What happens if I cancel the cruise entirely and re-book at the lower fare. Would I lose the $900 OBC I've got as well as the future cruise credit used to pay for some of this cruise? Should I wait to see if the cruise gets cancelled? What're some of the options you'd consider and choose?
  10. My partner bought me this t-shirt onboard Legend for our sailing in December 2018. She bought a couple of Carnival t-shirts but this one's my favourite. It was our second cruise aboard Legend and our last as Legend moved back to the US in 2019. I was always wear this t-shirt when I board Spirit. A couple of staff have asked me which one I prefer, Spirit or Legend. They usually have deals towards the end of the cruise where you can buy two t-shirts for $25 or so.
  11. My mum found an old map showing the proposed line extending from Bomaderry to Vincentia where she lives. There was also supposed to be a line from Canberra to Jervis Bay being Canberra's port essentially. Nothing ever really happened. Although the road bridge over the Shoalhaven River was supposed to be the rail bridge I believe.
  12. Before online bookings here in Australia moved to the US-based Carnival site, Carnival's Australian website would have specials and offers on for cruises. When you clicked into the booking, the site would ask you then for your VIFP number and adjust prices according to any discounts the VIFP would offer. Quite often, once I did that, the website would then remove some of the specials such as room upgrades, deposit discounts, or even lower prices. It's almost like their computer system recognised me from my VIFP number and said, "screw this guy, we'll charge him more!"
  13. Joe Farcus did. In any case, Carnival sent Splendor our way so I'm eager to check her out when/if I sail in November this year.
  14. Silly question, but what are these Carnival Journey Photography classes that offered? I don't think I've ever seen anything like this on Spirit or Legend.
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