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  1. This will be a Sunday. Is the CBP busier on any given day?
  2. Thanks, mate. Having said that, we may have issues boarding Eclipse as we'll be travelling through Japan beforehand. It's all up in the air. So who know if we'll even get to Vancouver!
  3. There's also an option called RideBooker but it's expensive. I think I might book the Quick Shuttle from Waterfront to Seattle convention and then a taxi or Über from there to Pier 91. I have a refundable hotel booked in Seattle just in case.
  4. The only Clipper ferry to Seattle is at 5pm that I can find. Oosterdam sets sail at 4pm.
  5. Thanks for the information. I've started putting into place a contingency plan to stay in Seattle the night. Quick Shuttle won't start their port-to-port schedule until May 5th. They just emailed me.
  6. Just another quick question, I checked the Port of Seattle's page and wanted to confirm that HAL docks at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91? Is this correct? Is this the destination I use to book my bus to Seattle?
  7. Thanks for the info. The Quick Shuttle bus looks good. But looking at its timetable, it says is leaves Vancouver Hotels at 8:45am. The schedule doesn't mention Canada Place nor Pier 91. Are there more services they have that aren't listed? I'll email them to be sure.
  8. I've checked those options. Bolt Bus won't arrive in time. Amtrak Thruway leaves Vancouver Station at 9:00am and I believe we need to be there an hour or so earlier for customs clearance. If we can get off Eclipse before 7, we might be fine with that. We got Concierge Class which I believes allows early disembarkation. I've never sailed X before and I've never been to North America so this will be a new experience.
  9. We'll be living on the edge on this trip. We have a cruise scheduled onboard Ooseterdam from Seattle that very same day so our plan is to get outta Dodge as fast as possible and hit the road towards Seattle. How we get to Seattle is still up in the air. Thruway bus, plane, not yet really sure.
  10. CruiseCal - I've never heard of that site. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Hi, We're looking at a cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver aboard X Eclipse. Its itinerary includes one stop in Victoria, BC before leaving there at 7:00PM and continues on to Vancouver. I've checked Cruise Mapper to see the scheduled arrival time of Eclipse but it doesn't list an arrival time. I wouldn't think it takes 12 hours to cruise from Victoria to Vancouver so does Eclipse get in to Vancouver really late that same evening and just park there or do they motor really, really slowly to make a 7AM arrival the next morning? We need to disembark as early as possible.
  12. Is there a reason that they suck? As our Westerdam cruise got cancelled, we're now looking at needing get from Vancouver to Seattle as well using train or bus, etc. We'll be getting on Ooseterdam in Seattle.
  13. We're on HAL's Westerdam smack-bang in that period (25th April out of Yokohama), but no HAL email cancelling for us. My partner's old man was supposed to be on Diamond Princess on that 20th of April cruise and just rang us to say it's been cancelled. We're trying to convince him and my partner's mum to jump onboard Westie!
  14. We're on the same cruise. But not living in the US or Canada, our plan is to spend a night in Vancouver after the cruise and then head to Seattle for a night before flying to Hawaii. We then spend over a week in Honolulu after which we fly back to Sydney. I'm confident things will settle by then but if HAL cancel all Japanese/Asia cruises, we'll be left with a large hole in our itinerary between Yokohama and Honolulu as it mightn't be worth flying to Canada or the US mainland for just a couple of nights.
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