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  1. I'd be more than happy to tip if notable, high-ranking execs within coporations like Carnival Corp or Royal Caribbean Group such as Arnold Donald, Richard Fain, etc. worked solely on tips. Something tells me those discussions of executive remuneration being provided by tipping or "gratuities" don't come up in the board meetings.
  2. I tried to dig up some photos I may have had from my 3 Spirit cruises last year to see if I took a snap of the drinks menu. I couldn't find any. But, from memory, a Scotch and mixer was about $12.50 (Dewar's White Label). I mostly drank Scotch and No Sugar Coke so I don't really remember the prices for other drinks. I can try and dig up some print outs of my onboard Sail and Sign account if you need more accurate info. I think I kept those somewhere. These prices are in AUD as the ship charges in Aussie Pesos. Another option is to buy the Bottomless Bubb
  3. My Carnival cruise for April 2nd was cancelled a couple of weeks ago. If they start sailing again in April, it'll be later in the month. I rebooked for June cruise but I doubt that'll sail. However, that is a Queensland cruise from Sydney so who knows; there may be the opportunity for Australia-only sailings.
  4. It looks now like our Carnival cruise will be the first CCL cruise to sail next year as it departs in late March. To get onboard, I'd be happy to mask up, get tested and have the itinerary altered to Australia-only cruises.
  5. The crew just test up a few days before boarding and then quarantine aboard the ship for 14 days or whatever is deemed necessary. After all, these vessels are practically hotels that float. Once it's established there are no affected crew members, then passengers could follow the protocols and be allowed to cruise. That would be safer than having crew disembark and then spending quarantine in a Sydney hotel. I would guess internationals airline crew spend some period in Sydney's hotels without being able to leave until their departure flight shift. Australia still gets cargo/fr
  6. I just watched Ten News. I can see why international cruises would be grounds for an extension in the no-sail order but I would argue home-ported vessels like Splendor and Pacific Explorer should be allowed to cruise locally and allow only local passengers. If we can now fly to other states, why not sail? I'd be happy for my upcoming Carnival cruise to have its itinerary changed to an Australia-only cruise.
  7. Yes indeed. Project 500 as it was known was to basically cut Department of Human Services staff as it was known back then and outsource increase call centre staff by 500 positions to Serco. Apparently they're shocking, transferring even the most basic of calls to full-time Centrelink who handle more complex cases. Serco are supposed to handle basic enquiries and answer questions and only warm transfer more complex cases as the need arises. Walk past a more regional Centrelink office these days and they appear to be ghost towns as front-of-house staff have been mainly removed.
  8. Centrelink\Services Australia have had lots of front-of-house staff reductions over the years so upper management moved to primarily digital services to access services.
  9. We have the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) at the federal level. Here in my state of New South Wales, we have the Office of Fair Trading. The ACCC is useless and their website was just full of wishy-washy full "ifs" "maybes" and "buts". Fair Trading just says: If your travel is cancelled, you should receive a refund or other remedy, such as a credit note or voucher, in most circumstances. However, if your travel is cancelled due to government restrictions, this impacts your rights under the consumer guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law
  10. I get if I were to cancel, fine, I couldn't expect the travel agent top be left holding the can without getting their payday. But this was Carnival that cancelled. I just happened to book through an online agent. And really, the travel agent didn't do anything. I still went through their online booking process using their website. I just got the documents emailed from the company, not Carnival. I rang them once about buying FTTF and that was about the only contact I had with them. It certainly wasn't $110 worth of work.
  11. Sorry for my disappearance; I've been away on holidays and haven't been doing much internetting. I did indeed pay the entire fare; the first was a deposit and the second was the balance. After that point, Carnival notified that the cruise was cancelled. Around the same time, the travel agent then sent a notice that the cruise was cancelled and that it was their right to charge an administration fee: As per the terms and conditions of your contract, {name witheld} will be deducting administration fee of $110 per person from any refunds due from the cruiseline. Thi
  12. The terms and conditions aren't very clear at all. There is a section that lists the costs for amendments and cancellations/rebooking of bookings but it doesn't mention that it applies to a cancellation brought about by CCL. Another section called "Cancellations by Supplier" just deals with the method of refund, i.e. FCC or cash, etc. It doesn't mention an obligatory admin fee. After my booking was made, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) said that as these cancellations are due to force majeure, they are allowed to charge admin fees. This condition isn't stiplua
  13. My November cruise that I booked through an online travel agent was cancelled by Carnival. In this instance, I elected to take a full refund. The travel agent has stated that from that refund, they'll deduct somethin like $110AUD per person for their part in the booking process. I read somewhere that Princess was honouring their commissions to travel agents on cancelled Princess cruises. Is this that same for Carnival? Is the travel agent being compensated twice by Carnival and then garnishing my refund? Can I call Carnival and switch the refund over to FCC + bonus OBC?
  14. Ironically, just then on YouTube, I got a 100% Pure New Zealand ad spruiking NZ as a travel destination.
  15. I have 2 8-day cruises back-to-day in March/April. Both cruises have check-ins listed as 10 days beforehand which leads me to ask how would one check in for the second cruise if the first cruise was 11 nights or longer? I'd be onboard the ship for the second cruise check-in. I know there are the internet kiosks but I don't recall if there are printers for the printing of luggage tags and documents. I guess guest services could assist. I've never done a back-to-back so I'm not familiar with the second leg check-in/boarding process. This is a true back-to-back; i.e. same ship an
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