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  1. Phase 1a of the vaccine roll out started here yesterday. Believe I should be in phase 1b. Just need to be patient 😎 and wait for my turn 👍.
  2. Only had 4 cancelled to date but wish I was in a position to have as many booked as above. This thing called work gets in the way 🤣.
  3. The email I received from Princess yesterday stated these dates, with a link to the online brochure.
  4. I’m terribly sorry for your loss 😢. It’s awful seeing how many have passed away from COVID. May your memories bring you some comfort. Looks like the first Pfizer vaccinations are starting Monday, will be for front line workers and age care. Numbers are limited from what I hear on the news. Got to start somewhere and keeps getting reported how well Australia is doing with the virus. Think 🤔 I might qualify for group 1b as being a younger adult with a medical condition, need to keep on top of the vaccine 💉 roll out.
  5. Enjoyed a nice day with a top of 26 deg C. with a few rain showers throughout the day. Received an email from Princess today with the new 2022/2023 cruise itineraries departing Australia. Think hubby was nearly rolling around on the floor laughing 🤣🤣🤣, when he saw me looking at cruises ...... again. As least I said it gives us options for our Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 cruise that we have booked for November 2021 or backup plan January 2022. Exact itineraries departing November 2022 and January 2023. Gives me hope to be cruising again!!!
  6. My husband and I went too Airlie Beach a few years ago (for a wedding) and decided to make the most of it. We did the Reef Sleep 😴, which we were the only guest for the night. So had the Great Barrier Reef at that time by ourselves not including the 3 staff working. It was amazing 😉 but our boat trip out was quite rough but really fun.
  7. I have encountered and still have the same error with our Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 Princess cruise. I was told by Princess that the tours aren’t open but if that was the case I thought there would be a message not yet available. We’re 50/50 if the cruise 🚢 will actually go ahead. We hope so🤞!!!
  8. Hope you’re enjoying watching the Australian Open ..... 😎
  9. That never makes sense. Even once in our street we lost power which is pretty rare, however the even numbered houses had power the opposite side had no power 🙄.
  10. Thanks caribill, appreciate your post. That makes total sense. I’ll can only see once getting closer to final payment.
  11. I see the wording ‘refared’ off and on and that many have saved additional money by having a cruise refared. Could someone possibly explain how this works? Do you still retain your original booking or do you rebook? Appreciate any guidance.
  12. Received a Captain Circle Magazine a month or so ago but to be honest was the first for sometime. From memory it focused on local Australia cruises and cruises departing Australia to the South Pacific and New Zealand. I’ve always wondered if there are different versions for different regions.
  13. I agree with Princess recognising P&O Australia cruises, along with the same member number. That helps with qualifying for the various levels. I was told once I was too young to be ‘Elite’ on Princess, maybe by some accounts but have been cruising since I was young. Thanks to my parents, especially my Mum, I caught the travel bug. A lot have been with P&O Australia and over the past years Princess has been my preference.
  14. Finished work for the day. Currently watching the Australian Open live .... great tennis 🎾.
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