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  1. We cancelled a shore excursion early last week and by the end of the week received notification of the refund. However the refund amount was incorrect, so escalated back to Princess on the weekend and received an email this morning that this has been rectified but will take 2 weeks to be received. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the refund being received.
  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, I enjoyed the Majestic Princess when I did a 14-day cruise to New Zealand. Got my steps ups when I was on the Majestic Princess.
  3. Our departure date from Vancouver is 26 July 2023 on the Sapphire Princess, we did look at 12 July 2023 but would be pushing my luck to get away from work. My busiest time at work will finish around 30 June but known to go a little longer.
  4. I’m terribly sorry I wasn’t clear in my last post. We haven’t been to Vancouver before. I was more meaning that for all our cruises when needing to get to the hotel etc. we have booked the Princess transfer. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  5. Decided to grow my hair out just before COVID and since March 2020 been working from with limited work meetings just need to pull my hair back. Haven’t seen any colleagues in person.
  6. Hope everyone stays safe as can appreciate the concern with how wild and damaging our Tropical Cyclones can be.
  7. Hey fleeflicker, we’re booked on a 14-day round trip from Vancouver in July 2023. For us we have generally booked the transfers with Princess, the only transfer service we have used is the coach service from airport to hotel/cruise ship and back again. We just find it easier keeping everything together and already paid for but always a personal choice.
  8. Good to know as going to be on the Coral for Papua New Guinea in January 2023 and Brisbane round trip to Hawaii visiting many destinations in September 2023.
  9. Wow that would be amazing to see in your yard. Love seeing our native wildlife around us, mainly birds like kookaburras, cockatoos, galas and many more. Have a mummy and baby possum living in the tree behind us, our dog 🐶 isn’t a fan when he sees them on the fence. Don’t need to go too far from where we live to see kangaroos 🦘. Love visiting and camping in various places that we can experience the wildlife.
  10. We’re booked on a late July 2023 departure on the Sapphire Princess, due to work can’t go any earlier.
  11. Most likely already know that Alaska 2023 is now open. Opened August 18 for Elite members and August 19 for all to book.
  12. As an Elite member booked our Alaska 2023 cruise, was nearly sold out.
  13. Book Alaska 2023 yesterday (AEST) was nearly sold out when I booked, thankfully 😅 I’m Elite and could book.
  14. Hopefully will see you on the same Alaska cruise. Puppy sitters booked in and leave in for work .... well on the work leave calendar and will apply next month.
  15. Who knows what might be required by this cruise as we’re on the same and hoping to fly in a few days earlier. If a PCR test is required 3 days prior, this might change our plans.
  16. I happened to ask our Princes Holiday Planner this exact question this week, she said it should be released in the fall. We do have August 2022 booked but might look at a backup for 2023. I be watching with much interest.
  17. Meant to have left on our road tip today but this thing called work well for hubby has needed us to postpone. Well at least it should be a little warmer during the nights. We’ll head off from Brisbane head down towards the NSW boarder visiting places like Nindigully and St George travel across to Birdsville up to Mt Isa and hook it across Qld to the coast, then make our way down the coast back to Brisbane. We’ll be camping and visiting lots of places throughout outback Qld ...... can’t wait to explore and see this beautiful country we call home. Can see so much without leaving our State 😀.
  18. We’re also awaiting Alaska itineraries for 2023, as there’s every chance we’ll probably postpone our Alaska 2022 cruise till 2023. Just with the uncertainty with international travel from Australia. Will make a decision once I know when the itineraries and bookings are open.
  19. Enjoy Father’s Day 😀. Our Father’s Day isn’t until September.
  20. You were right on the money, can only use once the next time drops out 🥲
  21. Must admit that was a thought I have had. I guess I don’t need to worry as yet as our first cruise isn’t until late January 2022 and that’s also if we’re able to go due to the Govt extending no international travel unless essential travel.
  22. Will be watching game 1 of the State of Origin tonight, Queensland vs New South Wales. Can feel the atmosphere in the air. Should be great football (rugby league). The first game being tonight has been moved from Melbourne due to numerous cases of COVID and those being out in the community. Believe they come out of lockdown at the end of this week, however with some restrictions in place. Tonight’s State of Origin has been moved to Townsville in North Queensland. It’s great for a regional town. Go Queensland!!!!
  23. All good now .... working like a charm after deleting and reinstalling.
  24. I might give this a go as the app just says loading then drops out 🤔
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