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  1. The Joy is an excellent choice as is the Encore or the Bliss. They are all sister ships. The least expensive Haven Suite depends. Sometimes it is a Haven Spa Suite. If so, you are not in the Haven Courtyard. You are usually on the floor where the Spa is located. Two additional benefits of a Spa suites is a lovely Jacuzzi in the suite and complementary access to the thermal spa. However, there is no Thermal spa on the Joy. Other times the least expensive is a Penthouse. Again, it depends on the sailing and the ship. Why the Joy, Bliss or Encore. The larger ships have the be
  2. Georgia_Peaches, you do you. You can just do it without cruising. Not my rules. This is not about if one believes in vaccines, masks, social distancing or anything else. This is the rule that a business is putting in place. I mean no disrespect here. Gaining a Vaccine does not mean I can't get Covid-19. It means if I do, it will be less of an impact then if I did not get the vaccine. Again, you do you. Your right as an American. Maybe one day, we can all be past this and the fear of what happened to our entire world. When that day comes, then I hope we see each other on a cruise and
  3. I would NEVER go on a cruise again unless they required a vaccine. There is the pandemic call Covid-19. It shut the world down for a year and almost destroyed the travel business. I could not wait to get my vaccine. My adult children felt the same way. If I knew one of my local restaurants required vaccines, I would be eating there this evening. NCL is not the only cruise line that has done this. They will lose your business and that is your right. The will gain mine. That is called even in my book.
  4. Oh, I get you now. Yes, you are absolutely right. Sorry, I just did not make the connection.
  5. I love your post however I am confused on one point. "There's no Spa for Adults to use." What do you mean. Spa being hot tub. There is one in the Haven Courtyard and two on the Haven Sundeck on 19. Please clarify. I am interested.
  6. I agree with everything you have said. I would like to add a few things. Since the larger ships, Bliss, Encore and Joy have over 4000 guests yet under 180 Haven guests; I think access to the Vibe Beach Club should be included. I know the Haven sun deck is right next door. Just a nice thing that would not cost NCL one cent. You are right, All Havens are not made the same. For me the biggest thing is the Haven Sun Deck. On the bigger and newer ships mentioned below, deck 19 is not only a Haven Sun deck. It has two huge hot tubs. If you were on the Getaway, it would not include the hot tub
  7. Well outlined and I could not agree more. A you probably could tell. Some of my want, example $0.00 bill is based on pre-paying most things. The amount of the bill was less important then the concept I was sharing. Another example was the waiter waiting for me to taste the food. The notion there was simply someone checks back quick enough to make a change if needed. I completely agree with your brands. I also would love to travel Europe on Regent. My Crystal Choose was out of convenience and the attempt to take a test drive on a luxury brand that did not break the bank.
  8. It is ok. I am also a big NCL Haven fan which includes Oceania and Regent. I read your review from 2019. This post was about how to take ANY brand and make it as much of an All-Inclusive VIP Luxury Cruise as possible. It is very true that I choose to take the upcoming Crystal Cruise to the Bahama's in late July. I was supposed to take the Oceania Marina to Europe last October however Covid-19 got that cancelled. All I ask is to keep the focus on how to make any cruise on any brand the best that it can be. Nothing is perfect however the great thing about cruises is we all ta
  9. It is a funny thing. I wrote this document to help folk create a All-Inclusive cruise as help. My assumption was folk were currently like me. They just want to do what they can to achieve the most relaxing cruise vacation they could have. It seems the comments are now focused on the choice of Crystal and or Oceania both excellent brands. I am at fault here and I apologize to everyone whom took the time to reply. It was never my intent to create conflict with anyone nor stir the pot if you will.
  10. Ok, I see your point. The same stuff happens on Luxury Cruise Brands as does on Mainstream. This picture clearly shows one of the items that disturbs me about past cruises. I think you can also see why some that are Crystal Lovers have a hard time with some of your posts. Your experience contradicts with theirs. I did not want to start a issue with my original post. My responses have been thoughtful I hope. You have shared items worthy of consideration and so have others. I will follow up with all of my Cruise Critic friends with a fair review when I return. Thank you to
  11. I get you. I take what you say under consideration as I do everyone whom comments. You also have to understand, in the past, I have taken VIP area's on Mainstream Cruise Brands. My document shows some of the work I do to take every cruise experience up a notch. The only thing I can not seem to control is the personal service given to all guests when they leave their stateroom, regardless of the stateroom they have. Let me give you an example because I can see, you understand that many might get upset that your opinion on Crystal is not like theirs. That is not my point. My p
  12. You have every right to have your opinion. You obviously read my sections on social media. I totally get what you said. Thank you.
  13. Vistaman, yep. Agreed. In our world, we all set expectations. The issue is, those expectations need to be realistic based on sound business logic. In addition, some folks want to find an issue with everything then neglect to come up with a solution. My concept of "Knowing the rules to the game" allows for realistic expectations. Knowing that many brand marketing teams are paid huge money to make the product look better then it is. That makes the guest simply ask the right questions so they set the right expectations. No one in their right mind would or could expect XO buy the bott
  14. Texas Tillie, as my previous response says and I wrote in my document. It is important to remember to focus on the majority of reviews and comments. I thought my comment to the previous poster hit that issue with my example. Brand Loyalty cuts both ways and we all have to make that decision by our personal experiences. My goal in my document was to increase my odds of success by doing my due diligence. The way I phased it in the document was to, "Know the rules to the game." Even on the highest investment luxury cruise, Dom P and 100 year old scotch is a premium. Just makes
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