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  1. This was a GREAT response. I thank you so much. My favorite part was referencing that your wife is on Keto. My wife and I have been on Keto for 5 months. We both lost lost of weight with a lot more to go. Everyone comments on my reference to children in the Haven. I am quite sure that most families teach their children manners. My reason for making the initial comment in the op-ed was because of experiences I have had. Not all the time, but enough to be said. I also feel the same way about adults that save sets in the theater and lounge chairs buy the pool. The bottom line of my post was that in most cases, utilizing the Haven and or the yacht club for MSC eliminate those issues. I meant no offence to anyone with my comments. Just attempting to be accurate based on my experience only. My family of 5 are on the NCL Pearl in June 2020, going to New England and Canada. I also had two suites booked and canceled them to re-book in the Haven Two Bedroom Suite. My adult daughter (27 years old) was very upset with me for doing this. Then again, she has never stayed in the Haven. Enjoy your upcoming cruise in December. You guys will have an unbelievable time. Be well.
  2. It is my understanding from a previous post that there are two security lines on the Street Side. One for Haven and one for everybody else. That is what was reported anyway.
  3. @ajsland5, This will be the very first time in 40 years that I will be able to drive to a cruise. My wife and I are staying at the Holiday Inn because they have a reasonable Hotel, Cruise and Park program. We intend to be at the port at 10:45 AM using an Uber. We now know from this post that there is a separate Haven Security line akin to priority check-in security at the Airport. We also know that past security if you go to the left, is the Haven Check-in. Folks will attempt to stop you from going their so have your paperwork handy. We have been to Nola many times so no real interest in the normal stuff prior to or after cruise. My goal is to get on the ship, get a drink, get into the Haven Restaurant for lunch (double cut pork chop) and tour the Haven prior to 4000 people being on board. I will report back after the trip. Be well and thanks for posting.
  4. On a cruise on the NCL Getaway out of New Orleans November 24, 2019. I have never cruised out of New Orleans. My wife and I will be staying and parking at a local hotel taking a uber to the port of New Orleans. Can someone give us the hints and tricks to "somewhat" less stressful Embarkment. Best time, things to watch out for, where to go. We are Haven Guest (please no haters, this cruise is a celebration for health and weight loss). Anything provided will be very much appreciated.
  5. Every in the fridge has a cost. Make it go away. You pay enough for your cruise the way it is.
  6. That was exactly my point. I have personally booked Haven two-bedroom suites for my family. The reason most of the time was the third and forth passenger were free or reduced. If you have a family, this is a GREAT deal in a GREAT suite. The issue I share was just not mine, it was many folks. All I was saying is "Don't be surprised." It is 100% the parents responsibility to watch their children and handle them is they are unruly, PERIOD.
  7. This was really good information. What I see is the trend for these types of upgrades on most main stream brands. Like you, I am on NCL Getaway because my Thanksgiving trip is out of New Orleans. I can drive there in 5 hours. Made a difference for my wife and I . Much easier then flying to Miami. My next cruise is indeed out of New York. That will be a first for my family and I. Be well.
  8. Wow, so nice of you. You will have a great time. Enjoy
  9. @mcgorr , No, you have an excellent suite called a Mini-Suite. The only Haven Suites have an "H" I believe in the suite/cabin code. Prior to the cruise, NCL does a upgrade program. They do this with a bid process. If you are interested in a Haven Suite, do some math and look at your budget. If upgrading is affordable, look at what the rate would have been if you bought it normally, they your rate for your mini suite. If it makes sense, make a bid. During busy cruises, this is very hard to get. During less busy cruises it is possible to get it. When I wrote this article, I did it because there was very little information about the Haven Experience. Please know, it took me 62 years, and 19 previous cruises to afford to cruise this way. If truth be told, my most memorial cruises was inside state rooms with no windows and just enough room for the beds. We has no money and that was when you could sneak a bottle of vodka on board. We dressed up, got the late dinning room sitting, went to every show, did every bingo, eat breakfast every morning in the dinning room and did the mid-night buffet. Now we are happy to make it to 9:00 before we want to go to sleep. That is why the cabin and accommodations are more important now then back then.
  10. NorwegianConciergeDesk@ncl.com , I sent three emails. First, I gave my requests. Second, I clarified something. Third, I asked a specific question. I also sailed last year on the Celebrity Equinox in a "Celebrity Suite". The Michael's Club and Lumanae were excellent. Made my Voyager. The Oceania Marina Cruise is my 40th wedding anniversary in October 2020. Smaller ship, all adults, Europe.
  11. Thank you for your comment. I am going to address it. Your point is well taken. I love huge ships, love them. I am a little older and don't mind paying extra to get certain perks. I will be cruising three times in less then 12 months which clearly shows I am spoiled. During those three cruises, I am on the NCL Getaway in the Haven (4000 passengers) with my wife; the NCL Pearl in the Haven (2500 passengers) with my family of five; Oceania Marina to Europe (Premium Brand, most folks over 18, smaller ship 1250 passengers). When I attempt to save some money by not going a Premium Brand, I do the Haven and really like it. I thought that is what my post said. Instead not it is all about my single complaint about kids. So as you can see, I agree with your over arching theme and realize I made the choice for my own reasons. What this teaches me is that folks really don't want a first hand transparent view of unique aspects of cruise brands, cabins and accommodations. Sad but true. I learned my lesson. My heart was in the right place.
  12. This is all very interesting. My post was the secrets to really enjoying the Haven. I love the concept and the idea. Yet now it is about on line on a "Way To Long" post about kids. The concern is real, yet it doesn't mean that it is going to be an issue on your cruises. The Haven will still be SOOOOO much better then the ships pools and hot tubs on a Holiday Cruise. I am on the Thanksgiving Cruise coming up Nov. Not my first rodeo so I also have access to the Spa indoor pool and lounge which is 18 and up. We all have the opportunity to buy a VIBE beach club pass when you get on board if you get to the Haven lounge quickly. They save a few for Haven guest purchases. I wonder why???? Lets keep this focus on leveraging the most posible when investing the cash into the Haven. Who we all can get our money's worth making our vacation awesome. Thanks.
  13. I was raised by my mom also. Bravo to you. Shame on their dad (and mine also).
  14. Great comment. Thank you. My favorite part was when you described your husband as a "difficult traveler". YES I AM also. I agree with every single thing you said. Thank you again.
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