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  1. Hi everyone, Can anyone confirm, is there a sauna and steam room free of charge? If so where is this on the ship? Thanks in advance.
  2. ahh thank you for helping put my mind at rest!! Much appreciated! Your crazy seeing them in the wild, I always think of Steve Irwin (RIP) xx
  3. Ahhh I will have to let you know how we get on! I never thought I would be this nervous!! xx
  4. thank you to everyone for the advise and feedback. I am going to dive in and give it a go!!
  5. Ahhh no but ahhh yes at the same time? Good customer service though. I think the animals should be left to come and go as pleased really. I am glad they sorted you out though x
  6. I am guessing they still had there barbs attached then. Where as from what I have read they remove them in Blue lagoon, which is another thing I am unsure of. I hope this is not painful for them. Ahhh dear working my self up terrible haha. I watched some nice videos but always think it will end up being me haha.
  7. Hi Everyone, So we booked to do the string ray excursion in nassau, bahamas at blue lagoon I am now terrified, ha. Leaving next wednesday! Someone please put my mind at rest? Ive seen all sorts and now I don't want to go. Thanks in advance. Fiona
  8. following along on your journey!! I am sorry for your loss also, your mum will be with you in spirit. xx
  9. Ahh thank you, appreciated, sometimes I worry about asking questions on here as I see a lot of people get shot down very quickly. Thanks for your comments though they are massively appreciates I just want to experience everything and ask ask ask so I can have the best cruise possible!!
  10. Sorry I did try to look for other posts first but couldn't find anything. This is my first cruise so not aware of protocol when it comes to these situations so please bear with me. I did apologise in advance.
  11. I know we will be safe, just wondered if Royal would change route because of this update on travel advise. I am hoping there won't be no change as I really want to see the island! 🙂
  12. Hi guys, Going on our first cruise on the 29th March and was wondering if the update on the government travel would stop us porting in Haiti. It suggests only essential travel, but obviously it is far away from Labadee and it is privately owned by royal. Sorry if this seems a silly question to anyone but we haven't been before, and was just wanting to prepare for potentially another sea day or a different port. Thank you 🙂
  13. We are from the UK and we had the drink package included in our price! With flights from the UK to Miami, 2 nights stay in Miami and a 9 night cruise with the free drinks package it was £2600 which we thought was a good price considering the drinks package is around £400 each! They're currently doing all inclusive sailings again in the UK unsure what happens in the US and what offers they have!
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