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  1. The virus is super smart it knows when to pause while people eat lol.
  2. Hope you get to cruise soon! Keep fingers crossed! I haven't booked anything yet, will wait.
  3. Way to jump into conclusions. Not retaliation just because I have seen how nasty and vicious people can get. The posts were not made by me on those FB groups but by people that have cruises coming up and post that they hope they can cruise soon and people start posting things how risky it is and about death. This is why I made my warning of doom and darkness not because posts didn't go my way. But since you don't care, then don't read this post. If you didn't want me to answer then maybe you shouldn't had quoted me.😄
  4. I am glad you mentioned the hypocrisy and made some valid points. A lot of it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. And when you question people about it they can't even answer themselves. In example, I see kids playing at parks and parents having BBQs with no mask on around a lot of people but yet they don't want to send their kids to school. If we are to assume everyone has covid then no one should be taking off their masks around anyone. I have also known people that got covid and lived with their spouses but they didn't get it themselves. We also have had protests for more than 100 days and e
  5. I have been on FB groups and as soon as you post that you want to go on a cruise, people go in saying is too risky killing the joy of anyone that's looking forward to return back to cruising and that's why I put the warning in my post. Hell, I even got kicked out of a group last night as well as others for an innocent comment. If you didn't like that part, you could had ignored my post.
  6. I wasn't aware, I had been MIA. Well, hopefully it works for something.
  7. Hello everyone! So this is for everyone that wants to go back to cruising. Please do not come here with gloom and darkness. If you have decided that you are too scared to cruise, I respect your opinion and your decision. However, this post is more so for those that really want to get back to cruising. Today is the last day to send a comment to the CDC! Feel free to also read the comments by fellow cruisers. I believe those that want to resume to regular living should be given the right to do so. If people do not want to travel by air or water, then they also have the r
  8. If I have to cruise wearing a mask all the time, I won’t ever cruise again. I would like to see people’s faces.
  9. I am going on a cruise in November and I have to flight from NY to Miami. So far the tickets are in the $300+ range! So in order to arrange a cheaper flight I would have to directly called NCL and tell them?
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