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  1. Also sailing the fjords in June and struggled to find an excursion that gave us the freedom to move about. We went with the "Bergen on your own" it gives you skip the line tickets to the funicular, a free sandwich, and some suggested walking routes round the city.
  2. Me and the husband were lucky enough to see them from the bay in Reykjavik. We booked a long weekend in the city. We got comfortable on the big boulders and watched the show. Saw greens and violet colours mainly, saw the shimmering curtain effect, all memories that will last a lifetime
  3. How strange! I'm on A914, youd think they would have released at a similar time
  4. Quick update, excursions have been released 😁 exactly 3 months!
  5. Before anybody says anything, I know on the FAQ it says 12 weeks before sail date. I'm just wondering if p&o follow this to the letter? Or are they released before, or even after that 12 week mark? We sail on the 1st of June and eager to get them booked!
  6. Efforts greatly appreciated! It looks like a good spot to watch the ship docking. I hope we are nicely sheltered from the elements so we can still enjoy the scenery but keep dry. Not concerned about sunbathing in norway 😂
  7. Thank you for the reassurances, it's my first time on azura (been on britannia previously) and it's my husband's first ever cruise so really conscious about making the right decisions. I'm really excited about the clam shell and how close our room is to it, I'm imagining a fair bit of time spent there! Unfortunately the link you've posted doesent seem to be working 😔
  8. Hello! New to the boards and scouring the internet for my question brought me here in the hope you guys will be able to share any experiences you may have! Me and the hubby have booked onto azura in the first week of June 2019 for around the fjords. We have booked one of the few metal fronted balconies at the very forward of the ship on E deck (unbeknown to hubby who thinks we are still in an inside, I secretly upgraded when the prices dropped and paid the difference). Does anybody have experience of any of these balconies? I've seen the view you get from inside the cabin, but looking more for personal experiences, such as balcony size, wind issues, sheltering etc etc. Also selected to not upgrade, questioning myself on wether this was a smart move. Thanks in advance!
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