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  1. I turned 50 on the Regal last January. They gave me a $25 credit for onboard shops as a birthday gift.
  2. WHOA- I never expected this conversation to be HERE... Here's the thing- we are in the MIDDLE of a pandemic. Stats and numbers are still be collected. It's far too premature to analyze them and produce conclusions. RESEARCH TAKES A LONG TIME! We, as Americans, like everything quick. We want our answers. We also hate any type of restriction. This current environment is going against the grain for most of us. People are not on their A game. It's going to take some time before we can properly research, find ways to detect, treat and prevent Covid-19. Any report you are seeing right
  3. I'm really glad you it's not about the cash. Honestly- that's great. I don't know how a company like NCL is supposed to sustain being totally shut down. No cash inflow for MONTHS? How on they supposed to survive? Do you really think they want to alienate their customers right now? Is it possible they are scrambling and doing their best in a completely unprecedented situation and hoping they can stay afloat? (pun intended) So maybe they don't have the handbook on "How to treat customers during an pandemic" and maybe they are doing their best.
  4. AND? Are you that strapped for cash that you can't just be patient about this? It's not like you can take ANY kind of vacation right now. YOU SPENT THAT MONEY.
  5. Scroll up a couple posts! There's a link to the page. JOIN!
  6. Are you booked on the January 3rd one? If so that makes 4 of us here on this thread!
  7. Let me just say that the whole process using FCC has been super confusing for us. I think I figured some of this out. The extra 50% all has to be used first. Which was easy to do at the time of booking. The original 100% is treated like normal. So, we still have a few hundred bucks left over in FCC that we can use at a later date. I am unsure how it calculated if we were trying to book the same cruise. In our case we considered Europe next year but ultimately decided on an 11 day from NYC to Miami which some amazing ports we have not been to. We originally had a mini
  8. THANK YOU- may I ask where you are from? We are in Lockport and we both work in Buffalo. I joined the role call. It's the first time I've done that and we have cruised a LOT. Normally I feel no need to make "friends" with fellow cruisers. This cruise feels different.
  9. I'm so sorry you also had a loss. It's an extra terrible time for this. I hope you are finding peace in your days- where ever you can. Take care.
  10. Not sure what makes my point of view "bizarre"? There's so much happening in this world right now. TONS of anxiety and uncertainty. My husband has been laid off. I'm working from home. Our son passed away 7 weeks ago. In light of all this- I can't get upset about money that we already spent. I'm also a college business professor and I'm very concerned about how NCL will survive but I'm confident they want to. They are not withholding refunds to make customers angry. That's the last thing they want to do. They are simply scrambling to figure out how to survive. It would be
  11. I'll be the unpopular one here. It's ok- I have enough friends. I save up to pay for my vacations. We automatically have money added to our vacation account with each paycheck. We paid for our cruise. We don't miss that money. It was just money in an account. NCL said, "We will give you a refund or 150% FCC." We struggled to decide. We don't "need" the refund because, it was money we already spent. Offering the extra FFC is tempting. So, after a lot of thinking we booked a cruise for January - an 11 day cruise! And- I know it's all a r
  12. We are NEIGHBORS! I'm in Buffalo! Hopefully this cruise will happen. I'm very much looking forward to it.
  13. We were booked on the on the March 14th Breakaway cruise. We were in the process of cancelling when NCL cancelled the cruise. We were given either a full refund or 150% FFC. After a lot of thought and conversation we have decided to take the 150% FFC. We just booked on an 11 day cruise for January 3 on the Getaway. (NY - Caribbean- Miami) It appears we have a great deal. We have an 11 day with an AFT balcony for close to what we had paid for a 7 day Western in a Mini. I don't care about the mini- getting an AFT room is my favorite perk.
  14. Yesterday it said we would get 150% FCC and today it's back to 125%--- I'm very confused.
  15. We sail the Breakaway on the 14th-- so this week. My husband and I are flying to FL on Thursday. I am NOT concerned. I'm bringing a laptop. I'm a college professor and could teach remotely if need be. I always bring clorox wipes so that isn't new for this trip. We booked a mini suite so we have a little room if we end up staying longer than a week. I bought a spa pass but I'm wondering if I should cancel that. Thoughts? My hope is that the ship won't be crowded because so many people are freaking out about this.
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