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  1. Thanks I did see a review from 2011 and the problems have remained the same for way too many years. I posted it hear instead of where I saw it. Even still Vancouver needs to step the game up a great deal.
  2. It is now 2016 and the experience is just as bad as when this post was made. We took almost 4 hours from the Check in lines for our Sea Pass cards until we actually walked onto the ship The orange card system is still in place Canadian Customs then port security then finally US Customs where on 7 agents had to process 8000 passengers for the 3 large ships and one small one that were in port on that day. This process took more time than our previous 6 cruises combined. I just have to wonder how it works going from North to south. If it is this bad the Canadian port of Vancouver is going to lose a lot of business. Interestingly enough it is the US Customs that was most undermanned and slowest. But not by very much. The Hall from Hell and the blue seats from hell will be ingrained in many minds for many many years.
  3. see you there. This review has been awesome and we can't wait to get there tomorrow
  4. Yes we did on more than one occasion we had a zero balance and then a week later it said we owed. I called every time and it was handled by customer service very well. it seems that sometimes the insurance likes to change and it took a few times before the record was annotated to prevent this change. Call them and I am sure it will work out well.
  5. We will pass you on our way to our cruise tour :) Have a great cruise
  6. Lets see Stay overnight in Orlando this Thursday, Fly to Vancouver BC on Friday and sail Friday that's less than 3 days Woo Hoo
  7. Likewise here as well. Been on two Radiance Class ships before and they were both great Jewel and Brilliance.
  8. Did Radiance arrive for the 15-20th cruise into Vancouver? That is the most pressing question and I have to assume she did indeed arrive.
  9. The change will occur a few weeks after the cruise has been completed.
  10. I suspect the soft opening is in the lead for this. That would be a good policy in light of what has happened up to this point (Fewer upset guests that way) Looking forward to actually seeing her sail.
  11. Correct one copy with both of your information on it.
  12. Having the set sail pass is all that you need in most cases. The porters on the outside of the cruise terminal have plenty of tags needed and will fill them out and attach to your luggage when you had over the luggage. In our case they will email the tags and such to us closer to the sailing date and I will print and attach prior to departing on May 20th. The main thing is having the set sale pass ready. everything else is no big deal. Make sure you also have the credit card and the ID's with you as well. Those things that you used to set up the set sale pass.
  13. Excellent we are looking forward to that information as we are going on the May 20th cruise.
  14. Like the OP I had done 6 prior cruises and did not have the insurance because it was easy for me to get to the ships all out of Florida. But in the case of the upcoming Alaska Cruise on Radiance of the Seas, we did get the insurance because of other factors we can not control (Flights to Seattle then on to Vancouver from Orlando come to mind) So the Insurance was purchased. Granted we would not have been out. $11K dollars either but I do not know anyone that can handle that kind of loss and not be hurt by it. We feel for the OP though. But they still have a few things they can do. I have seen Royal after the fact fix things. You just have to know who to contact. So this is the perfect example of just how important the Insurance can actually be.
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