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  1. Our Cruise is on Harmony of the Seas out of Port Canaveral Dec 13-20th. Our biggest problem will be getting a pre sail test as those are hard to come by in Florida. That being said I am not counting on going this year even though I voted December for limited sailings.
  2. Good points but I do not see an effect Vaccine until sometime next year regardless of what the Media and Pharma says as there are to many unknowns yet.
  3. I have Cruised from Miami Port Everglades, Port Canaveral (about 2 hours) and Tampa (90) minutes. Tampa is closest followed by Port Canaveral Everglades and Miami at 3 hours and 30 minutes drive even Miami is not a ad trip
  4. Florida Gulf Coast Ports? Tampa is the only Big one. Naples, Florida do they even have a port? Port Charlotte way to shallow. Ft Myers Cape Coral and Punta Gorda? all way to small or way to shallow for big ships. Pensacola? That had a Naval base so they could possibly do ships from there.
  5. December of 2020 is our target. if we do not go then we will just extend our FCC until it is safe.
  6. Crown and Anchor already has enough headaches. I was greatly surprised when our March 15th to 22nd cruise on Harmony of the Seas was cancelled. A few weeks later we saw the cruise points for a cruise that RCCL cancelled in C&A and a kick to the next level. 2 weeks later the next level was gone but the points were still next level. I do know that C&A has enough to do with just the point and tier system and until that gets fixed I suspect no other changes will show up.
  7. Exactly what the numbers suggest too Look at New York for an example.
  8. Cold weather is friendlier to the virus than hot humid weather is.
  9. Rebooked for Dec 13th on harmony of the Seas. I sincerely hope this holds as I am way overdue for a nice cruise vacation.
  10. My Crown and anchor shows the points for the Cruise that was cancelled but Crown and anchor status was downgraded back to the previous level even as the points for the higher level remain .
  11. So if climate has no bearing on it then why is New York in cold wet weather numbers of cases exploding far faster than Florida with it's hotter and dryer than normal weather this year? If memory serves New York was faster shutting down than Florida too. So time is going to tell and the weather studies will finally come into play as well.
  12. Very interesting topic. You are all talking about Crown and Anchor Points? our March 15th to 22nd was cancelled by the line and not us. Our points did change a few days ago. And our status changed as well.
  13. We have a 12/13/2020 on Harmony of the Seas to replace the March 15th to 22nd that got cancelled by the line. But I was surprised when our Crown and Anchor status changed 2 weeks after the cruise was cancelled. Now that was a surprise.
  14. I agree Florida is doing what it can to get things done. Bottom line is the virus does not do as well in hot moist climates. As Summer arrives things will slow down. but when it gets cold again a second round very well may start if a vaccine is not out before then.
  15. Already working on that with our Travel agent now.
  16. Very interesting. Cathy and I were scheduled to go on Harmony of the Seas on Sunday for a 7 day. Mom and sister cancelled early in the week (mom is 80) and got full FCC and I waited as I wanted to go. Looks like we will get a full FCC credit unless RCL decides to give the same perk as NCL. Going to be interesting to watch this.
  17. Congratulations that is always exciting and you will get a lapel pin now too. After our Harmony Cruise in March, Cathy and I will move up to Emerald.
  18. Cathy and I have 4650 on Harmony and my Mother and sister have 4146 on Harmony. Anyone have pictures of either?
  19. A great start keep it coming. sailed on Freedom of the Seas before and will be nice to see how she is doing now.
  20. We have booked Harmony on March 15th so we will be interested in hearing just how your GTE turns out.
  21. Very nice video. We are going on Harmony of the Seas in march and the changes to Coco Cay are astonishing. Looks like most everything is pay now though.
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