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  1. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing your adventures!
  2. Skagway was a fun place to visit. We did a walking tour with the Park Rangers...very interesting. The tour sure made you think about how life was back then. We did the train ride after lunch. If anyone is interested in quilting, there was a nice quilt shop there. Rushin' Tailors...we spent some time looking around in there...bought home some nice fabric! I hope the weather cooperates for you!
  3. That sounds stressful! Here's hoping all goes well and you have a great trip!
  4. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam in January of 2020. We saw lots of people with scooters and wheelchairs. We had our Mariners lunch with a lady in a wheelchair....they had been on many HAL cruises, and didn't have any issues or complaints about accessibility. We saw them many times out and about, and they seemed very happy. There was a lady with a motorized scooter... she had a big, fluffy "poof ball" to use as a "flag" that matched her outfits when she was out and about! She looked like she was having a great time!
  5. Bruno, so sorry to hear this. Prayers for a diagnosis and quick and easy recovery...Karen
  6. We saw Denali early on the bus ride. By the time we got to the last stop, it was in the clouds...
  7. Yes, there is a HAL resort there...very nice. There is a "strip mall" across the street with restaurants, etc. The Tundra Wilderness Tour is an all day bus ride through the park. We bought a box lunch to eat, there were several stops for wildlife viewing and "rest" stops, etc. The busses are not luxurious, but it was an excellent tour. We saw moose twins at the park entrance, and at the end, we walked to the area where the Park dog kennels were. Saw a demo there! Lots of fun!
  8. Enjoy Glacier Bay. That day was one of the highlights of our 2019 sea/land adventure! I'd love to go back again!
  9. So sorry about the loss of your wife. Celebrate her, and enjoy making new memories on your cruise. I'll be reading your "live from!" Enjoy your trip.
  10. Thank you for taking me along on your Alaskan cruise...it brings back lots of memories from our cruise/land trip in 2019!
  11. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise! I've enjoyed your pictures and stories!
  12. Thanks for sharing! Your pictures are bringing back good memories from our Alaska cruise in 2019!
  13. I have a "fanny pack" type belt that I use for my walks. It's probably more stylish for women, but it works well for me. It fits nicely and my shirts go over it. They do have a black one. Good luck in your search. https://bandiwear.com/
  14. I just reinstalled the app on my phone. My login and password are giving me an error message. I read the password "requirements." Mine doesn't meet those now. Do you think I need to reset my password, or make a new account??
  15. I looked into the sun shades when we went to Half Moon Cay. We ended up finding lots of shady places to sit, so didn't have to worry about it.
  16. Have a wonderful trip! It's great to "live" Alaska again, hearing your story! I'll never forget all of the eagles we saw in Juneau! And the bear while hiking after the gondola ride!
  17. I was just looking at my scrapbook from our Alaska cruise/land trip last June. Brought back lots of happy memories. I hope this all ends so people can see that beautiful state again!
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