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  1. I don't really care for breakfast food so I was excited to see that the last 2 NCL cruises I've been on have had a hummus bar complete with cheese, olives, pita, etc. at the buffet. Perfect for me and a nice addition for people that don't care for the typical breakfast of bacon and eggs. Had a hummus breakfast every morning and savored every bite!
  2. Thanks, I was thinking the same thing about the spa and how COVID will affect the Thermal Spa Suite. I purchase it every cruise but may need to bring my own spa treats from home and do in-cabin face masks and soak my feet in the bathroom sink LOL.
  3. I booked my first balcony cabin (go me!) today for a December 2021 sailing. As a solo traveler, I have always booked a Studio Room but with COVID-19, I think I would go crazy if an outbreak happened and I was quarantined to an inside studio cabin. You may already know what the categories mean but I had zero clue! I talked with an NCL Cruise Consultant today and here's what she told me: BA - Top Decks - most expensive Balcony Category BB - Mid Deck Balcony BF - Lower Deck Balcony - Views not as great BC - Balcony is not in the middle. Cabin is either towards Aft
  4. I always cruise alone and have met many people that travel without their spouse or loved one due to work schedules, motion sickness, etc. I love meeting new friends but will stick with my bf LOL
  5. Totally agree but I do think this will affect the cruising industry and so many others (Disney, amusement parks, concerts, etc) for a few years. We'll have to see how this plays out. Have a great night
  6. Settle an argument between me and my boyfriend please! I love cruising and my boyfriend hates them (though he's never been on one). He says that it will be impossible to feed everyone in the future on cruises because they have too many people to feed and the capacity in each restaurant would be limited due to new social distancing guidelines. I tried to explain that there are many restaurants on a ship but I can't find the maximum capacity in individual restaurants, just the max capacity of the ship. I'm sure cruise lines will institute new rules but he is convinced that people will be wait
  7. I've only been on NCL ships because of their amazing solo traveler program. I would like to try RC but can't seem to navigate their website to find a solo room. There don't seem to be many solo cabins and when I do find a ship with them, they are already sold out. Does anyone have any tips? I called the toll free number and they weren't much help. I am not willing to pay double. Thanks
  8. I booked a cruise on NCL Joy for October. My main draw has been the thermal spa suite weekly pass offered by NCL but I didn't see this as a choice. I called NCL directly and was told Joy would NOT have a weekly pass for cruisers. You must book a spa service to use the facilities. What?! This makes no sense. She said this could change if enough people are upset by it so call please and let them know it's a great addition. It's my main "activity" since I don't hang out at the noisy, overcrowded pool.
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