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  1. That’s half the fun of cruising; all that planning, & all that daydreaming!! 😂😂😂
  2. Congratulations on your upcoming wedoing! Just relax, & get ready to enjoy your honeymoon! On practically every cruise we’ve been on, there are always honeymooners, & people celebrating all kinds of milestones! You are getting some really good advice here, so I will try not to repeat anything, if possible! I would say, be prepared! Try to see all the dining options available on the ship, & decide what you like. Then, I would say, go ahead & make your reservations as soon as they let you! Cagney’s, for example, offers a free bottle of wine on the day of sailing! But if that’s not important, or if you are not sure you would want to eat a big meal on the very first day, then try for another, preferably sea day, at the time you prefer to dine. Believe me, I see a lot of red dots for all the “good “ times! Also, you may want to eat a light meal on Day 2, because for me, that’s the most difficult day. I’m too tired from the stress of packing, planning. Carry a medical kit with Dramamine, Sea bands, etc. Also some Pepto, & other simple meds. Also carry magnets to keep your room organized, carry lanyards for your sea cards. The reason I am saying all this is, when you start planning details; then you forget to worry about all the what if’s!! You start thinking about all the fun stuff you will be doing!! When you do all the planning together, you will start dreaming of all the good things to come! An added benefit: your cruise will be even more enjoyable!!
  3. Well said! I wish I had read your post earlier, when I was trying to decide which one to choose. The thing that kept me confused was the logistics of Seward, Anchorage, etc. Flights were better priced when booking a RT. So I got around that hurdle by booking a b2b, Vancouver-Seward-Vancouver. I would add, when NCL offers free or reduced airfare, jump on it, because then you don’t have to worry about having to find the best flights, etc. I will do that next time. For now, b2b is the way to go for me.
  4. I discovered your posts just a few minutes ago, long after the ship had sailed, with you on board!! But I was on pins & needles! It was like reading a suspense novel, & I refused to look at the last page, haha!! Glad you made it! We were on the Escape last December, loved it! I am still marveling at the deal you got! Wow!
  5. I have never heard of such a bounty (of OBC)!! I have to know who is your TA! $200 for using your Amex card? $150 from your TA? Perks with GTY! Wow!
  6. Tell me more about Toursaver. Did you buy the coupon book? Did you feel you will be able to get your money’s worth out of it? I still haven’t booked any excursions, & I need to decide pretty quick! Our cruise leaves on July 1st. from Vancouver. We want to go on the Mount Roberts Tram, & either Whale watching or a combo tour. I was wondering what would be the best way to do this. TIA.
  7. We just returned from Italy. In Venice, we decided to stay just outside Venice, in Venice Mestre. It was a quick bus ride into Venice, & from the bus stop in Venice, we could take the Vaporetto to any point in Venice, Murano, Burano, etc. The bus stops right in front of the hotel where we stayed. Hilton Garden Inn. It’s very modern, very clean. In that respect it does not meet your criterion of something vintage, but we were happy with our decision. Also, the airport is just a 15 minute ride. Just an alternative to consider............
  8. Enjoy your trip, it’s going to be lovely! Ask for Maximo; he’s the best! And Beatrice was so easy to understand. When we went on a tour of the Vatican ( with another company), we could barely understand the guide! That tour was also very well done, but the guide did everything mechanically, & spoke too fast. That’s when we realized how lucky we were to have Maximo & Beatrice in Florence!
  9. We were very lucky with the traffic, so yes, we were completely satisfied with the amount of time we spent at Academia. We did not feel rushed at all. Academia is fabulous, there’s a lot to see. We could have easily spent another hour or so there, but we were famished, & a little tired from so much walking. There wasn’t a wait for Academia. We had paid $20 for Skip the line tickets, & we just walked right in. Otherwise, the lines were very, very long. We would have wanted to see the Duomo, & a few of the other sights if we had a few more days. The lines were very long everywhere. One other point to highlight. We were picked up right near the Cruise Ship, the driver was waiting for us as we got off. We went straight to Pisa , & then to Florence. There was hardly any traffic. Pisa was spectacular. Hardly any crowds that early in the morning, & the driver, Maximo, parked the van right outside the gate. So no time, or energy, wasted on walking to the tower. It was all very well thought out & executed.
  10. We just got back from a wonderful tour of Italy. In Florence, we chose Italy Tours for a guided tour of Pisa & Florence with Skip the line tour of Academia. We were 7 of us; along with our English speaking driver Maximo, & our expert tour guide, Beatrice, who joined the tour in Florence. We are so glad that we chose Italy Tours for our day in Florence! Maximo is the best. We started our tour at the port of Livorno. Maximo was waiting for us right as we got off the ship. He drove us straight to Pisa; he drove the van right up to the gates of the complex. As a result we didn’t have to walk much at all! We heard from others who had taken the other tours, that they had to walk a lot, not us! Thanks to strategic planning on the part of the tour company, we wasted no time throughout the day. Maximo is polite, kind & considerate. He is very knowledgeable, & shares his knowledge. He is a very safe & skillful driver. And even more positive accolades! He made our trip very enjoyable! I hope when we are in Florence next time, we will be assigned the same driver. And, now about our tour guide, Beatrice or B. She was great! She spoke perfect English, she was very easy to understand. She was personable, charming, & knowledgeable. We met up with her in Florence, & she took us on a walking tour of Florence, ending up at Academia. She kept our group engaged, & interested. She told us lots of stories about Florence. It was amazing, the amount we covered in one day! If I could change one thing about our day, I would say we should have gone to Academia & David soon after we reached Florence, & not towards the end of the day; because we were tired & famished by the time we reached Academia. Though David did not disappoint, he was spectacular! We are so glad we got to see the original, as well as two copies. Every step in Florence, we turned around & saw something interesting, something unforgettable! We shopped for leather bags, we tried amazing street food, we talked to the locals. We packed in so much into a fun filled day that will not soon be forgotten. Big shout out to ItalyTours, Maximo & Beatrice! I would recommend ItalyTours without any hesitation at all. I hope to contact them on my next trip! Five Stars!!
  11. Hanging on to every word! When I booked the cruise, I was thinking itinerary. After reading Nate’s review, I can hardly wait to experience Jade for myself!
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