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  1. We had a South Beach Bed in April and loved it. We are booked again for December and there aren't any smaller or lower priced beds/chairs showing up for us. I can't bring myself to spend CAD$800-$1500 on a cabana for just the 4 of us for such a short time, especially when we had the bed last timer $150. Hopefully they will appear closer to December if construction is done.
  2. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to seeing it again this winter. But the plot kinda hit home for me...you do need to pay attention from the beginning.
  3. Putting together some of the tidbits one this site and others.. For passengers to get from the new pier to the currently open beach areas, it looks like they will need to cross a bridge from the pier side of the lagoon to the existing beach side. In order to build this bridge, I’m guessing tenders won’t be able to run into the lagoon. So, they need to cancel trips to the island for a few days in March in order to build that bridge, so that they can start using the pier? This makes the cancellation of trips mid-March, plus the Anthem captain’s comment that it was their last tender (Anthem is on 12 night no Cococay itinerary until the 15th), plus the idea of the pier being open for late March all line up. I believe someone also posted pics of the bridge footings being ready? Thoughts?
  4. Yes A&L_Ont - that’s what I saw in the video. Better view of them after 6:00 or so. I’m guessing they aren’t swim platforms since they are far out, but they looked too large and flat to be bouys.
  5. I saw those - got my reservation booked for them and can't wait! But to the left of those past the peninsula with the cabanas on it. I can make out about 3 of them, a decent distance from shore.
  6. Awesome video! Anyone have any idea what the circles in the water are around the 5:25 mark? They look like swim platforms? Off the shore area of the 2 semi-circular coves?
  7. Hey guys - looking for some of your expertise here. I have a reservation for North Star on Anthem the day we are docked in Nassau for 9-9:30. Royal just informed me our Pearl Island excursion was moved from 12-5 to 10-3 now. Will we have enough time to comfortably get from North Star down to the dock for 10am? Does North Star run on time and for sure we will be done by 9:30? If our excursion is 10-3, what time should we be aiming to get off the ship? (I've never done an actual timed excursion like this) Finally, for those who can calculate this really well, would we have time to grab bags from our room on the way down, or is this going to be a mad dash? I know my other option is to move my North Star res, but I'd rather not since there isn't many spots open with about 50 days to sailing, and even less spots while docked. Thanks for your help!
  8. I sent an email asking who the band on our sailing would be and the reply took 10 days. Not the quickest at customer service!
  9. Sailing Anthem end of March. I've read a lot of threads about drink plans, but my wife and I aren't big on alcohol, and don't drink coffee or tea so the plans don't really offer us much value. We will most likely drink water the majority of the time, but I can't find anything that mentions drink prices per drink. Best I've seen is that fancy mixed cocktails will run around $10-$12 per? I'm interested in things like orange juice, pop, smoothies, and beer. Cheers, Rob
  10. I'm curious about the 'prepaid' gratuities? Are these just when the travel advisor covers them as part of the package? Or is there a way to pay these off before hand. I don't mind having them added to my credit card at the end of the cruise, but the idea of getting them out of the way and having a smaller departing bill sounds good too.
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