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    Sailing on the Coral in May for Alaska Southbound. Just took an upsell of $298 PP to Premium Balcony from an Obstructed OV Guarantee. We were days away from deciding to purchase a lower balcony for almost that same price, so getting the Premium was a nice bonus!
  2. We've done the Princess Bus transfer, our own van transport, and the train. The train for us is what we love and will be doing it once again in May. It depends on what you want to accomplish and how early/late you want to board. We love the relaxed slow scenic train ride, plus getting us on the ship earlier than the majority of people. We do like walking around Whittier, so our embark day is truly relaxing and beautiful!
  3. Thank you for the replies! This is very helpful! We will probably choose the cruise to Sitka next year. It sounds like a good port to visit. I'm still looking at itineraries that include the port and Princess seems to have more of the scenic cruising that include Sitka. Thanks guys for the help!
  4. We just returned from our Alaska southbound off the Island, and decided we do it again next year, just reverse. We have done this same itinerary 3 times and LOVE it because of all the scenery! I was looking to next year and saw that the Emerald does a round trip out of Vancouver, minus the Hubbard Glacier and adding Sitka. Here are my questions... 1. Does Sitka have scenic hiking trails right off the dock? We aren't into the shopping or excursions, just exploring the natural beauty for free. Sitka would be our replacement of Skagway on this itinerary, and there are quite a few hiking trails to see a lot of beauty there. 2. Is the cruising very scenic from Vancouver to Sitka that first full day at sea cruising? 3. Does it feel like you are missing some scenery if you don't do the North/Southbound cruising? 4. We haven't cruised such a large ship in Alaska, so will the Emerald feel crowded? I know we will be tendering because of it's size, but that doesn't bother us. At this point, it's so early that we have plenty of time to research, but thought I would ask CC first. Thanks for any responses!
  5. 7uvus

    Alaska on Grand last week!!

    Thank you for the Princess Patter's! We are leaving in 14 days on the Grand and can't wait!! We snagged an awesome upsell for our first window suite and are so excited!
  6. 7uvus

    Pretty Nice Upsell!

    We are getting so excited to be in our first suite! I do have a few questions that I couldn't find the answers to on the other boards. 1. Can we exchange half of the alcohol in the mini bar set up, for 1 coffee card? (I don't drink hard liquor, but hubby said he would probably take advantage of it!). 2. Can we order fresh brewed coffee from the restaurant in the morning for room service? 3. What menu do they use for being able to order room service for breakfast? It would just be so nice not to have to get dressed and out the door for a few mornings. 4. How casual can you dress for Sabatini's for breakfast? 5. What is your personal preference for the first night complimentary dining at the specialty restaurant? We LOVE Alaska and are going to savior this cruise like never before!
  7. 7uvus

    Pretty Nice Upsell!

    Our airfare is covered by frequent flyer miles...I'm assuming airfare would be very expensive otherwise.
  8. 7uvus

    Pretty Nice Upsell!

    Obstructed OV cabins on Princess for Alaska N/S bound, are still at $444 for June.
  9. 7uvus

    Pretty Nice Upsell!

    We actually got to choose which window suite out of 4 left! We chose F305. Maybe there were so many left because Alaska seems to have so many first time cruisers, that maybe the window suites didn't sound appealing? Maybe because the fare was listed close to $2500 pp! I'm just so excited that we got a pretty good bargain!! We LOVE Alaska and are on the decks a lot taking in the sights...and now have a beautiful suite to top off a wonderful Anniversary cruise! Thanks for all the tips regarding the amenities. We will be taking advantage of as many as we can!
  10. 7uvus

    Pretty Nice Upsell!

    We are Platinum and just last week booked an Obstructed OV on the Grand for Alaska June 13. We got the cheap $449pp (4th time cruising Alaska on Princess), and were very happy with this fare and our cabin and location. Just a few days ago we received an Upsell offer of $199pp for a window suite. I was going to turn it down because it wasn't a balcony and wanted to keep our low cruise fare...but husband said to go for it! I'm so happy we did! After reading all the suite perks, which we have NEVER had, we are so excited to be pampered a bit! We figured this will probably be our last cruise for a very long time because we are moving our family to Africa for our program we have there. Won't be able to afford any of these perks after this! Any good tips for those of you who know how to enjoy all the amenities that come with a suite? We don't want to miss anything! Soooo excited
  11. My husband and I will be cruising on the Divina in 3 weeks for our 25th anniversary. We have never cruise on MSC, but are Platinum on Princess, and have cruised on Celebrity, Carnival, RC and Holland. We have enjoyed every one of them, regardless of the reviews:0) I have a few questions... 1. Do they allow a lounge chair on the larger balcony cabins? 2. Any suggestions on quiet areas on deck with views of the water, for lounging and reading a book? Is there a pool area that is quieter than others? 3. Is there a jogging path that goes all the way around? 4. Are there areas on the private island right off the water, where we have shade? Or is renting a clam shell worth the cost? 5. Any good tips/secrets that you can share? 6. We do like to have our dinners in the main dining, but prefer to just grab a quick bit for lunch...any preferences on places or food at the buffet? 7. Is the dress code for day and evening very similar to all the other cruise lines? 8. Any 'must sees or do's' on the Divina? Thanks so much for any answers! I love cruise critic!