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  1. Leekaz, take note that there's a cut off point for booking a package - I didn't realise that.....
  2. Thanks hamrag, that's a bit frustrating but it can't be helped now. Thanks for your tip regarding boarding day though!
  3. Went back to book it and the website now won't let me add a drinks package. Is there a cut off date, or is just being flaky? Annoyed to be hit with the 15% service fee if so and even more annoyed there was nothing obvious to warn you about the cut-off...
  4. Now I'm really confused! We sail on Monday, so I'm not sure what to do now.
  5. Thanks, that's all very helpful, especially the detail about the bottled water! What you say about the service charge makes sense (presumably you still pay a service charge for any drinks ordered 'a la carte'?) I'm leaning to going for the package - I think I've just got a bit of sticker shock, but if you look at what it is per day, it makes a lot of sense....
  6. If it makes any difference, the cruise is in the Western Med.
  7. Hi everyone! Apologies if this is a daft question, but I am new to cruising and I'm finding MSC's website very confusing. I know this is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is, but any advice would be welcome. Spouse and I are going to be cruising on the Poesia very soon. We're considering booking the all inclusive bar and restaurant drinks package, but we're not sure if this is good value or not, partly because I can't find any info about the prices of coffees, ice creams, etc, which factors into our decision. We'd probably be looking to have a drink with lunch on the two sea days, and to do the equivalent of splitting a bottle of wine with dinner, and probably a drink after dinner. We also like coffee and ice cream! We did think about the wine and water package, but as it's a six night cruise and we're having a meal in the sushi restaurant one night, where you can't use it, so I doubt we'd actually get through all the bottles of wine.... So what do you think? And are there any advantages in terms of service charges in booking a package - I seem to remember seeing a reference somewhere to saving on the 15% service charge if you buy a package, but I can't find it now!
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