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  1. My apologies I thought this form was a good starting place for these types of questions. I would’ve never guessed appropriate answer to general ballpark questions would be contact the travel agent . I guess that kind of defeats the purpose of using this community
  2. OK let’s try this, Everyone above, or nearly everyone, it’s saying there’s too many variables. Please list out some of the variables, because in my mind it seems like a pretty straightforward question
  3. Thank you everyone for the help. How about if I talk some specifics. What about a 7 day leaving anywhere in flordia, alcohol included, any room, single travler. Any dates in Feb 2019. Where should I start lookin for that? Are there cruise lines I should avoid? (Cheaper the better, I’m on a tight budget hence me researching )
  4. To clarify a few points, I understand most crew ships charge for two people. I am simply asking what is the lowest cost with adult beverages and food included I can expect to pay All taxes and fees included. I’m interested in the ball park figure here, not necessarily a specific booking. For example, is there an option where I could expect to pay $1000 all included? Keeping in mind I’m asking mostly about all the extra fees, charges and other things that are not typically listed
  5. Hello I am a first-time potential cruiser. When browsing many sides including this one I am having difficulty answering questions. Please help : what is the lowest total cost I can expect to pay for a cruise with the following items: 1. Any room will do, like seriously I’ll sleep on the deck... 2. Just 1 travler (me) 3. I want unlimited drinks and food. 4. I don't want any other extras (I will pay for excursions or events “day of” if I have spending cash. 5. I would like to go for 10-14 days. leaving: anywhere near flordia going: anywhere with beaches Ballpark what is the absolute cheapest I’m looking at? Thanks for the hep
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