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  1. Thank you for sharing your experince. Could I ask a question? When the ship is in port overnight on Maui and Kauai, what is the latest you can can board the ship? Thanks
  2. Hi We're first time cruisers and booked the 7 day POA Hawaii cruise for Sept 2019. Whilst I have had a scout around the various threads on various boards there are some things we're still not 100% clear on and were hoping someone could help with our specfic questions. 1. Will UK GHD hair straightners work on board (may sound strange but they didnt work in our condo in Waikiki earlier this year - I'm not blessed with hair that doesn't need help!!) 2. We don't usually hire a car on vaction. We use public transport/Uber/walk. I've read that public transport on the other islands isnt anywhere like that on Oahu. Does anyone know of any shuttle buses from the ports to the nearest town or any "hop on/hop off" type of buses? 3.CE UK Free Pre-Paid Service Chargers Per Day in Mini-Suites and Below - this is included in our packages but (forgive me for lack of understadning), we're not entirely sure what this means 4. Tipping/Service charges - This appears in our holiday summary packages: Service Charge on Beverage, Water & Coffee all inclusive. I understand that NCL now add a nominal fee per person per day for service charges unless you opt out by filling a form out when you board. Is this correct, and if we opt out how does this affect the service charge mentioned further back? 5. Methods of ship to shore transfer for each port - re they docking or tendered? Thanks in advance
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