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  1. It’s a private tour. Just 3 of us with a guide. Apparently there is beer on board??? I guess we will decide who drives before any alcohol, and the guide (who hopefully isn’t drinking 😃) will drive afterward. The trip advisor reviews were excellent. And, yes, I always check out the reviewers for validity. I appreciate the warning!!
  2. FrankNBrew

    Buying alcohol onboard

    I once got kicked out of a campground for sneaking in beer. It was a Boy Scout camp. 😬
  3. FrankNBrew

    Cultural self guided excursion

    I’ll start with saying I prefer people and cultures over animals and nature. So sting rays and pretty scenes are cool, but I really want to explore cultures. Our ship docks at Georgetown @ 10:30, and hits the sea at 6:00 on a Wednesday in February. Any suggestions how we can spend a few hours immersed in Cayman culture? Maybe an off the beaten path authentic restaurant? Bus ride to other towns/villages? All suggestions appreciated!!
  4. FrankNBrew

    Buying alcohol onboard

    You can order bottles in advance via Royal Gifts. It’s a 375ml bottle (half a fifth) and 4 cans of soda (pop, for us in the Midwest) for $43-50, depending on your selection. But they are supposed to be consumed in your room.
  5. Thanks for the info! After a ton more research we've decided on the private Jeep tour, where we have 5-5.5 hours with a guide. We meet at 9:00 AM, and he takes us wherever we choose (or we can take turns driving while he guides). Apparently food, drinks and entrance fees to many places are included in the fee. Great reviews on Trip Advisor. It sounded like our best option, and we have a friend joining us who doesn't want to scuba with her family. Hopefully we can hit all of the things we want to do, and have time for more options. I'm guessing we will need to save the beach fun for one of the other ports, or another trip.
  6. Do these beaches have showers where I can wash with soap after frolicking in the salt water, before changing into dry clothes for the rest of the afternoon? Thanks!
  7. Nothing is booked yet. Just looking at options. Thank you! By the way, do you think they would pick us up for a tour at one of the beach clubs? So we could spend the morning on the beach, and tour after?
  8. Does anybody with experience with Tourplaza know where they pick up, and if we could be dropped off at one of the beach clubs after our tour?
  9. My wife and I will arrive in Cozumel for our first time ever at 7:00 AM on February 12th. Ours is the first ship to arrive, with 4 more arriving in the next few hours with a port load over 14,000 that day. My wife and I are interested in a nice beach with beautiful sand and waves, with an area we can get out of the sun for a bit with delicious food, beer and cocktails. All inclusive is not necessary, but not out of the question. We are also interested in tequila tasting and a chocolate factory tour. Our ship departs at 4:00. Our lack of experience means we have no idea what time we would eventually get off the ship, or when we need to be back. Do all of these sound doable for one stop? How much will the heavy port load affect our trip? Does anybody with lots of experience with Cozumel have a plan of attack for us? Or should we stick to the beach with cocktails only? Maybe somebody can recommend a beach that will be less crowded on a heavy cruise ship day? Or should we stick to tequila tasting and chocolate tour only...maybe hit a restaurant on the way back to the ship for cocktails and delicious food, and hit a beach on another stop (Georgetown or Falmouth)? All tips appreciated!!
  10. FrankNBrew

    Rci app

    I was hoping the app store description would show which ones were just added so I could report the additions here. I guess if anybody is interested to see if their ship has been added they can download the app and give it a try.
  11. FrankNBrew

    Rci app

    Just noticed Liberty of the Seas has been added to the app. Pleasant surprise with my upcoming cruise. The App Store still doesn’t list Liberty so I’m not sure what others were added.
  12. FrankNBrew

    Galveston ground transportation options

    Best Enterprise price I could find for mid-February was $245 IAH to Galveston, $157 Galveston to IAH. Where did you book? Do you have a tip for cheaper rates?
  13. It is $250 to rent an Enterprise car at IAH and drop off in Galveston. There are cheaper rental car alternatives, but to drop off your rental on the island and get a free shuttle to the pier it will cost $250.
  14. I went to the Budget website and that $37 does not include taxes and fees, which brings the price up to $62.00. Also the Uber estimate of $15 is from the center of Texas City. From the Sears Budget counter it's closer to $20. FYI, I reserved a full size vehicle from Budget for $49, taxes and fees included, through Costco. That extra $12 will buy me a foo foo drink on my cruise.
  15. FrankNBrew

    First time cruisers IAH to Galveston

    I appreciate the info. I've since determined I can rent a car from Budget for $50 and drop it off in Texas City. That will get me closer to the port, and not burn up enough Hertz point for 3 days elsewhere. Still finalizing plans on where to stay Saturday night. Spend the night in Texas City and Uber to the port in the morning, or drop the car off Saturday night and Uber to a hotel in Galveston? So many decisions...if only there were a Hertz office and Mariott hotel steps away form the cruise terminal. Maybe Galveston was not the best choice for our first cruise.