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  1. Rather than start a new thread, I figured I would update this one. So we finalized our trip plans several weeks back. I booked a full size car from Budget, one way from IAH to Texas City, for $31 through Costco. We have friend in Beaumont who suggested we stay near the Galleria in Houston, and she would meet us there and show us around. Well here we are, flight leaves tomorrow morning, and she cancelled on us due to illness. We used a Marriott voucher (value up to 25,000 points) to book a room in the Galleria area, but now I'm wondering if that voucher would be put to better use staying elsewhere. I was planning to drop off the rental in Texas City around 11:00 and take an Uber to the port. We're both late 40ish, like a good meal and a cocktail, but prefer to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Should we stick with our Galleria Houston hotel, as we'll be hard pressed to find a better area? Or can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon and evening in the Houston/Galveston area?
  2. And it’s a good way to say hi to all my fellow passengers. 🙋‍♂️
  3. I'm not sure why I ignored this response the first time, but I have the same information in my eDoc. Maybe I'll skip the wine altogether. Or grab a couple screw top Barefoot Moscato's to guzzle on the balcony.
  4. I get priority boarding on Delta too, but I always check a bag so I don't care if I'm last on board the plane. I like when they call my name over the PA system. I feel important. 😂
  5. I think from now on when people pop up like popcorn I'll be sure to let them know I empathize with their condition and wish them well. 😂
  6. A quick search using Google maps shows several within a mile from the port. They all appear closed on Sunday.
  7. It's things like this that prompted me to post the question. I was wondering if it was these same folks rushing onto the ship, only to wait in lines once on board (like the airport tunnel), or if there was any advantage to early boarding. I always check a bag on Delta (first bag free with Delta AMEX). I never rush to sit in a cramped seat, nor do I leap from my seat upon landing, only to hurry and wait for my bag.
  8. We leave Saturday, sailing Sunday out of Galveston. I'm getting my cash ready for our trip. I don't want to take too much, or not enough. I'm looking for advice on who we are expected to tip, and how much. We have tours at all 3 stops (Cozumel private Jeep tour, Cayman jet ski tour, Jamaica private 5 hour tour) and I would like tipping suggestions from the time we reach the port until we get back to port.
  9. I appreciate all of the info, and I really hope to enjoy the ship as much as you all appear to. My only cruise was a 3 night many years ago, and I guess in my mind the ship is the transportation/hotel, and the ports are the vacation spots. I guess I've been reading too much, and now I'm expecting a crowded ship with rude people hogging pool chairs, and lines everywhere...and hence my question about rushing on to the ship. It concerns me that there will be a lot of hurry up and wait. I hope to discover otherwise.
  10. I wouldn’t invite the Uber/taxi driver to drink with us. <roll eyes>
  11. I agree. If you want to drink that early, why not drink before boarding, somewhere where it's way cheaper? I've done enough drinking for a lifetime in my younger years. 6 1/2 days of opportunity to drink is way more than I need, or want.
  12. That sounds great. My wife has health issue which require her to get plenty of rest. We need to be up rather early on Saturday to catch our flight. I'm planning for her to nap when we get to Houston, but we are meeting friends that night and may be out later than normal. I want her to sleep in Sunday morning as late as possible. Thanks!
  13. So you would say 1:00 is your sweet spot?
  14. I plan to be in Galveston early. In your experience, at what times between 10:30 and 2:30 would the boarding area be most, or least, busy?
  15. We check out of our hotel in Houston the morning of the 10th. Then a 45 minute ride to Texas City to drop off the rental car. And another 15 minute Uber/taxi to the port. Are there any reasons we would want to rush to board at 11:00? If we can't get into the room until 1:00 why would we want to be on board any sooner? We're supposed to be on board by 3:00. Are there any potential issues with waiting until 2:30? I'm simply looking for opinions to plan our morning. Thanks.
  16. It's a way of saving money by bringing something on board you can use, and not have to pay as much to RCI. It's no different than smuggling your own booze on to the ship, which nearly everybody here seems to be fine with.
  17. I was slightly joking about the deception. But I don't think it's out of the question if Sabor was to include one margarita, or one flight of tequila, for the additional $30 premium. If my wife and I visit our local Mexican joints and spend $60 (including tip) we're gonna need an Uber and a nap.
  18. That's interesting. The other specialty restaurants don't mention any drinks on their menus. I thought it was a safe assumption that anything listed on the cruise planner menu was included. More deception!
  19. Travelling on Liberty of the Seas in a couple weeks. In the cruise planner I see Sabor is an additional $30. Looking over the menu I see it includes tequila flights and margaritas. Nowhere does it say these are additional cost. Does the $30 per person only include food, or everything on the menu?
  20. Apparently there’s a crew stairway somewhere back there. I was thinking it might be nice to sneak down with hot plates from the Windjammer.
  21. We are in a deck 10 aft balcony. Which makes finding the secret aft stairway all that more important.
  22. For our safety, we are not planning to invite other cruisers into our room. We prefer to engage strangers in public places.
  23. We embark on February 10th on the LOTS from Galveston. It's the week before most schools have winter break, but I don't know how that will affect the demographic of the ship (# of children vs adults). If we head to the solarium around noon, can we expect to find chairs for two of us? Is there an issue with bringing a small cooler with icy drinks and snacks? Are there any other places on the ship where two adults can enjoy the sun, and other cruisers, with low potential for screaming kids?
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