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  1. I agree as i've said before. The CHEERS package makes no financial sense to me. Paying over $800 for 7 days for us to drink is ridiculous. I get it for some people, it works for them. Like everything else in the world, some things work for you some things don't. Same thing with bottles to the room. I always use the bottle of Sky vodka example cause my lady drinks that. It costs over $100 for a bottle of Sky including delivery fee. That same bottle I can buy for $18 at home. I get marking it up. I completely get it but thats just insane markup. If it was like $50-$60. I might buy it but $110-$1
  2. Yes there is a bridge tour. You take a picture with the Captain on the Bridge.
  3. I go every cruise. Being a Army Veteran I really appreciate Carnival doing this. This pic is from the Conquest a few weeks ago.
  4. Got off the Conquest on 7 Sep 19. Had a great time. Probably by far my best cruise. Big part of it was setting up the Meet & Greet and having alot of people to have fun with during the cruise. CD Mat was great as he always is. The food took a step back in the buffet area this time on the Conquest but overall the cruise was great!
  5. Everyone gets a check-in time. If you have FTTF disregard. I'm always at the port NLT 10:15-30.
  6. This. Went to HMC last year and had FTTF and this is exactly how it went.
  7. I made a post on the one I just coordinated on the Carnival Conquest. I talked with the CD Mat Sequin literally soon as I walked onto the ship he was standing there. It was in the fun times the next day.
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