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  1. Got off the Conquest on 7 Sep 19. Had a great time. Probably by far my best cruise. Big part of it was setting up the Meet & Greet and having alot of people to have fun with during the cruise. CD Mat was great as he always is. The food took a step back in the buffet area this time on the Conquest but overall the cruise was great!
  2. Everyone gets a check-in time. If you have FTTF disregard. I'm always at the port NLT 10:15-30.
  3. This. Went to HMC last year and had FTTF and this is exactly how it went.
  4. I made a post on the one I just coordinated on the Carnival Conquest. I talked with the CD Mat Sequin literally soon as I walked onto the ship he was standing there. It was in the fun times the next day.
  5. We're boarding the Conquest out of Miami on Saturday. I'm just ready to get on the ship. Whatever they decide to do i'm good as long as i'm cruising.
  6. Yeah I know it wont get cancelled. I was on the Vista last year during Hurricane Michael. We just went south of it.
  7. Anyone cruising this upcoming week tracking this storm? We're scheduled to sail on the Conquest on Saturday going to all the islands in its path.
  8. I havent had any issues and will be going through again next Saturday.
  9. I will in about two weeks! Will be on the Conquest on the 31st
  10. Mat Seguin will be the CD. He signs back on 31 Aug 19. We're actually sailing on that one. We had him last year on the Conquest as well.
  11. Its actually a night game. They moved the game to that Sunday back during the summer so it will be the only CFB game on that day.
  12. Yeah that's the thing that will suck. My Sooners play that Sunday night but its on ABC.
  13. I didn't think of contacting the CD. I will definitely do that.
  14. True but that doesn't compare to those who have been on both and can offer their takes. Going on the sites just tells you what each has and doesn't have which I already did. The post was to get others POVs on both.
  15. I'm actually on the Conquest in two weeks and have that same itinerary. I've never seen a Fun Times prior to sailing in my years of cruising. Not sure if that's an option.
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