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  1. Just got off Vista this morning. Did the behind the fun tour and the HR director on board said that about 2/3 of the crew will remain onboard. Any that had upcoming vacations they let them go early and helped out with flights. They'll do regular duties as required (much less with empty ship) and some deep cleanings, etc.
  2. You just bring it - nothing to check on really. We always stuff ours in our suitcase. No one will question a pillow boarding weather carried or packed away. You can ask your cabin steward to take away other pillows, but we just put them on floor or top of closet.
  3. I guess differing points of view. To me it's a schedule change and I'm not worried about it. I'm excited to get onboard!
  4. I wouldn't think of it as less compensation considering you can either get all your money back + 50% back for another cruise OR get to enjoy a great 8 day vacation and still get 50% back on another cruise! The others don't get the option of still enjoying their vacation. So it's not just 50%, it's 50% plus the cost of your cruise back if you cancel. It does really suck for those with flight/hotel plans, but for me it's a great deal! We'll get $800 between the 4 of us to spend, an extra night of fun, and a good discount on our next cruise!
  5. Been booked on this cruise for several months. For us it worked out well! My wife is a teacher and off for summer, I'm lucky to work at a University in the IT department and can be fairly flexible (plus i've got plenty of vacation) so just adjusted to take off the two extra days! My MIL and FIL are coming with us - MIL is retired teacher (this is her retirement celebration trip) and FIL is self-employed to easy to adjust there! I'm excited about the OBC and discount on our next cruise! We are a little bummed about skipping Grand Cayman, but we'll get it in the future! Honestly I'm just hoping we don't have a ship full of sour/upset passengers and everyone can have a good time and relax! It's action after all!
  6. Were you allowed to go all the way to the top? Did the limit how far you could climb?
  7. We avoid light night events like night clubs and comedy. Anything art related. It drives me crazy that they let jewelry salesmen take up space in busy walkways. We also avoid the photographers like the plague. They always set up their backdrops in the most inconvenient places making it difficult to maneuver around the ship! We LOVE piano bar and karaoke (watching mostly) though.
  8. Enjoying this review! Keep up the good work! We're going on Vista in June and soaking up everything we can before.
  9. My brother-in-law and I had this on Freedom in December - it was out of this world fantastic! I believe we had it on night two or three out of seven and we kept talking about it the whole cruise! Agree with you on speed though - it was a great experience, but could move a little faster IMO. We're not really "fine dining" people though!
  10. We did have a wonderful cruise! Breakaway is great, but we've decided we prefer carnival. Castaway Caye was nice for the beach, but many had problems with price for drinks & food. We just went back and ate on ship. We're going on Vista this summer for a 7-day and possibly a 5-day on Dream out of Galveston! As it turns out, I LOATHE the port in NOLA. We were one of those people trying to park..... Still had a fantastic time though!
  11. We were on breakaway in this picture! Same sailing date's as y'all's cruise. We left very late! Waited around for a long time to leave but ended up going to dinner and we started moving about halfway through.
  12. Falling further behind here! Still having a great time! Once we return home I'm planning on doing a full run down on all my thoughts. I'll have a lot of NCL vs Carnival comparisons as well. Lots to love about both of them, but I think a lot of people would probably like to know differences! We had a great day in Harvest Caye! We went directly for the beach and found a very nice spot under a palm tree with an umbrella. We read for a bit as the spaces around us filled in, then went for a swim, came back and read some more. Yeah, we're super interesting party people as you can tell! We did not purchase any food in Harvest Caye, I do find it mildly annoying that nothing is included on the island (unlike others) but we knew this going in so no shock and outrage. We came back to the ship around 1pm (after only my right arm sustained a sunburn) and ate a light lunch.
  13. Just got an announcement that we will be arriving in Harvest Caye at 10:30, two hour late. It captain reports that we assisted the coast guard here in assisting a American flagged sailing vessel that was having trouble of some sort. I think he said the 6 passengers are safe. We however slept through the whole thing! Going to shower and grab some breakfast soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. We brought two of that size and both made it through! Both in my suitcase together. There was a tag on my suitcase that I think said “fan” but it was scribbled. I think they were inspected and deemed acceptable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. We did hang out at Howl at the Moon for awhile on Tuesday night! It wasn’t bad, but just wasn’t very entertaining. Maybe we were there at a bad time? The entertainers made sure to let us know between every song they were accepting tips. I think we really enjoy the Piano Bar on Carnival because everyone is more or less in a circle around the piano, so most sing along and interact with each other. At Howl At The Moon it’s setup for the comedy show. We will certainly give it another try though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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