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  1. I had the weirdest thing happen this week. I called my personal cruise consultant and she rebooked us on and August cruise and was able to apply my FCC, yet when she went to do the other 3 guests- it wasn't showing up. She "sent it up" to management. In mean time, another PCC called my Mom, who was Guest 1 on original booking and then passed her over to my PCC.. who was extremely rude on phone and said we needed to email Uplift to have the refuse the refund in order to be able to use Guest1, 3, and 4 FCC? When I questioned why that would be case, she said I had put some deposit down? Again- not case as it was fully funded by Uplift. She basically hung up on me and has not answered my email or calls since. I called Uplift today and was told I would have needed to request the refund instead of FCC and they weren't showing anything on their end. Then, this morning- both me and my Mom received a generic email stating to rebook with our PCC- and listing a completely different name. I know my PCC wasn't furloughed.. I'll call the new guy and see if he can fix whatever happened. However, I'm worried my FCC were applied to this new booking and so might get stuck in a longer wait and lose our extra 20% offer for rebook.
  2. For the lushes out there - the glasses are pre-poured - and any empty seats equals extra wine for you to guzzle - I mean "taste"... I do remember not really "tasting" much by the third glass.
  3. Not sure why all the judgement about who would use such a program. I booked at 30 days out and was offered Uplift. My additional cost was $39. Yet I have a year to pay in full and payment plan was not an option through NCL. I can not book a year ahead with my job, and this option pretty much a great way to keep my credit cards open for other needs.
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