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  1. Again, thank you all for taking thr time to advise and reply, I’m sure this wealth of information will be beneficial to more readers than me alone!
  2. Thanks all for your considered and informative replies. Much appreciated and plenty research to do.
  3. Thanks for the info. We are not alcoholics , but enjoy free club membership. IE Happy hour, not available on P&O without years of loyalty
  4. Thanks for your reply. V helpful. No top line budget. Just don’t want to pay for the extras in the luxury cruise this time when we are interested in the destination for once, but want the flexibility of the ship
  5. Hello! Apologies if this has been asked before. We usually cruise with RC and are D+. Greek Islands on RC are not worth it as the ships are too big for the ports, and we want to do as many islands without paying over the odds for tenders etc. Can anyone please recommend a great cruise line or ship? Many thanks
  6. ..or ‘know where to go to look’ ? Surely if they have noticed it is missing and want to find it, they would contact RCI? Of course they wouldn’t come to cruise critic as a first ‘port of call’ 😬 Or maybe they could just sit under a pyramid and think about the item and somehow it will find its own way back home. .....as I said earlier, the item has been found! It can be claimed through contacting RCI, But only if the owner is looking for it. This is the case whether I took it off the ship or not!
  7. Thank you so much. I didn't want to say this incase the owner really does see this post - but I genuinely thought it was cheap costume jewellery or I probably would have made a bigger effort to hand it in. I also genuinely want to reunite the item to the owner, and think I may have some chance using www.chargerback.com as advised by RCCI. If the person is seeking the return of the item - the chances are they will find my notification. I'm disappointed that people think because I took it off the ship it has 'disappeared into thin air' as far as the owner is concerned. Requests for all lost and found on RCI Cruise Ships are posted on the chargerback directory - this is what RCI would have done if it had been handed in to Guest services. So it doesn't matter if it is sitting in a Pursers drawer on Navigator, or in a drawer in my house. If the person is looking for it - it has been found, and it will be returned. I knew I would be flamed...so I'm tuned to 'ignore'. 🤣 Thanks for being so nice !
  8. Actually, we tried doing this but Security would not accept Lost and Found Property. They told us to go back into Guest Services which we did not have time to do. I have been told that Guest Services would only add the item to the Directory monitored by www.chargerback.com which I have done. I personally think there is more chance of the person getting the item back by all the avenues I have explored, rather than dumping it on the first person I saw when leaving the ship.
  9. Thank you you so much for taking the time to post this helpful advice. I have also posted details on www.chargerback.com as advised by RCI.
  10. This is exactly what happened to me. I am now trying to return the item to its rightful owner. It is hard to find the right place to go or to start isn't it. First of all, try doing a search within these forums (top right under your user name) with the name of the ship, the item, (ie, watch) and the word 'lost'. This is how I found your post. I've reported it to RCI Lost and Found. They also advised me to fill in detail on this website; www.chargerback.com - making sure you put in the description *FOUND* and list the ship and cabin number. They then feed everything into a data base to match lost and found items. Worth a try. www.chargerback.com
  11. If the finder keeps the item and makes no attempt to make recourse - then that is a poor (and dishonest) choice. Lost and Found on any ship or indeed, any hotel - have a notoriously bad record of reuniting items with their owners. This could be due to a number of reasons, from dishonest or lazy staff to poor communication. In any event - logistically - how does a fleet of ships that are repositioning worldwide a few times a year manage a lost and found for millions of annual passengers? Where exactly do you store all that excess, who inventories it, who pays to move it to a central warehouse and store it? To the best of my knowledge, having spoken to RCI Customer Service, the person who lost this item has not made an attempt to find it by their first course of action - ie by contacting RCI to report it missing. This means either (a) they have not noticed it is missing (indicating little sentimental value) or (b) they don't care that it is missing (indicating little sentimental OR financial value.) Either way, I feel that I am doing the best I can under the circumstances to get this item back to its owner. Positive action and all that. If we were all as negative as you we would get nothing achieved.
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