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  1. On ye olde Regal Princess, LA to Sydney in September 2007, we stopped at Tonga and American Samoa, personally, I did not find them that enjoyable or interesting.
  2. No doughnuts @ 1000 cases Don...perhaps some of these instead...bit of whitebait, healthy.
  3. Thanks for that Mic. I may watch it if no decent Netflix movies on.
  4. That looks like a Yankee one, left hand drive. I remember in the CMF (Now Army Reserve) , late 1960's we had the Studebaker trucks, left hand drive, left over from the Yanks in WW2.
  5. Thanks Leigh, I don't think I ever had a meat pie for dinner, evening meal, not lunch !. Even in my working days. The pie shops closed in the arvo anyway. Most bakeries that have pies down here have closed up with the lockdown, no business, no tourists and many locals are too paranoid with covid to go out.
  6. Yes it is out of control over there, Brits do not care, pubbing, clubbing, dining, I have relos there, they think it is all over over. I watch BBC every morning, 36, 000 new cases yesterday with 180 deaths. Could end up like that here after Freedom day unless we keep some restrictions in. Five million Brits have declined the vaccination, that is a lot of people even with population of 75 million.
  7. My Dad had the EJ, grey with white top, mandatory venetian blinds in rear window, lol. 4 x 4 a/c, open the windows, lol. I had this around 1970 - 63 Falcon Squire Wagon, it got wood worm, so had to sell it, lol.
  8. Two course meal Neil, how about an apple turnover for dessert, make it a proper 3 course meal.
  9. I don't think many Aussies would have meat pies for dinner would they, more a lunch thing.
  10. What is your favourite dead horse mate? Perhaps..keep you going for a while, big 2 litres.
  11. Yawn, when does the cricket season start? AFL is like a religion down south. I will have to cheer for Melbourne as the Swans are not in it. Excuse my ignorance but where are the Western Bulldogs from? Only Bulldogs Football team I know are Canterbury Bankstown, lol.
  12. I wonder how people booked on the World cruises in 22 and 23 are handling their insurance then with no Covid cover. Most world cruise ports are still out of control with covid. What if one has to cancel due to covid ? Does not sound good.
  13. You are welcome, friendly people we are.😁
  14. About right. A good mixed grill at ye olde Kangy Angy roadhouse stop on the odd occasion. I took a lot of loads up to the power station construction sites up your way too, 1970 ish, too.
  15. Not wrong there mate, that is what puts me off.
  16. May be it was me out front Mr Gut, lol. More like the top pic, minis when I did the loads, early 70's to early 90's. But the odd one done on the motorcycle.
  17. Yes Gut, some houses were given away and new owner just paid the moving costs, mstly fibros on piers. I knew a lot of people in the house moving industry, several from the Central coast, back then.
  18. Good work, some donuts, not baked many lately with the big numbers around.
  19. Unusual, must be a Canadian thing. Hot chips or mash potato with pies, nothing else, well sauce of course or mushy peas or gravy.
  20. Try this one, I often eat it, rice macaroni, tasty, from Woolworths.
  21. Most were fibro/tile homes from the 50's and 60's. The land gets sold, the old house gets sold and moved to rural area and the new land owner builds a mansion.
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