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  1. Last time we went to Helsinki we enjoyed just walking along the embankment, the place is charming and peaceful, but we had only a few hours before the flight. And couple of years ago we visited sport complex Allas, we spent there almost 5 hours, swemt in several pools (there is one with salt water as well), got warm in a sauna and rested in a cafe. It was cool!
  2. I think it's a good idea! St. Petersburg is totally worth it!
  3. I’m not sure about group tour arrangements but when you have an individual tour you are provided with some options to choose or you can ask them to book any restaurant of your desires. Last time we chose Stroganoff Steak House and appreciated it much. My husband discovered there a Museum of Russian Vodka as well http://en.stroganoffgroup.ru/restaurants/stroganoff-steak-house/?roistat_visit=415737#menu
  4. Getting back to the original post I agree with the recommendation to visit COCOCO as I was impressed by their unusual interpretation of traditional russian cuisine. Another interesting place is Banshiki, Teplo is a good choice for dinner too. I also know that Four Seasons has great restaurants and bars. Besides that you may go to one of roof-view restaurants such as Mansarda or Terraza. Oh and there is restaurant Schastye which is not rooftop, but has a great view of St.Isaac Cathedral. Actually new places appear every year and I suppose there will be more by 2021.
  5. Granada is totally worth it! I dare say it is wort staying couple of days as apart from Alhambra there is Albayzin district and on the whole the centre of this town is wonderful
  6. With all respect, but our guide once told us that Russian currency is quite unstable and many Russian people prefer saving money in USD or EUR. So I hope it doesn't make feel anyone uncomfortable taking into account that tipping sum for the guide is never less that 50USD. I don't say about tipping in cafes or restaurants as tipping sum there is not that big. For that purpuses I always have some local cash. Anyway tipping in many places might be included in the bill and paid by card.
  7. We normally leave tips for guide in US dollras as I seldom buy local currency. Never had any inconvenience. Still I' m ready to buy it as much as needed had it more chance to bring us to next year's cruise 😭
  8. I'd rather stay on ship or if there were more time go to Paphos as you can buy some leather souvenirs and the place itself is historic
  9. Well tips are definetely not obligatory but we always leave it if the service was good! And it's very good most of the time
  10. Hello! Alicante Fortress is accessible by several ways if you want to go up on foot: from the Teniente Daoiz street or from the Ereta park. As for us we went up by car by Vázquez de Mella st. and then enjoyed little lift from there to the castle.
  11. OMG three hours in Sevilla will just fly as a minute!! It's the most beautiful city in the world!! no kidding, I really adore it! The Giralda and the Cathedral, the Alcazar are absolutly must sees! If you don't want to walk all the time you can ride a horse carriage around the park as we did. Your kids are old enough to admire with you 🙂
  12. Andorra seems very cute little country and we did a great liqueur shopping there 😂
  13. Barcelona seemed to so diverse and contrast. I really liked Gothic Quarter there, so if you'll have time it's very recommendable!
  14. When we were there I didn't even realized it was another country - they speak English almost everywhere , in the subway, cafes
  15. There is a great choice for tour operators and it's very convenient that you can always find reviews on TA or here. As I've been already several times in St. Petersburg and seen most prominent sights, I wish to know something special about the city, so attention to details and personal approach are facilities I'm looking for. Big companies as it was mentioned above are reliable but due to a large flow of touris they may sometimes be a bit of impersonal
  16. Hello! Oh no, we are too old with my husband to jump on the rooftop although they say it's quite safe now! We've had enough of roof excperience taking fotos from the Isaak's Colonnade and the Terraza restaurant (near the Kazan's Cathedral)
  17. These two agencies are well known on the market for many years and I'm sure they provide great service. Ask them both what specialties they have. As for me, my husband and I looking for something new about the city, something unusual , for example I've heard about a quest around the city and the idea seems very original.
  18. I think it's a very good idea in present circumstances! It might be useful for those countries where tourism is a significant part of economy.
  19. We had a walking tour there. The town is charming and not very big, still the guide told us so many stories and interesting information about it!
  20. Yes, I think it's quite doable ABBA museum is really great, we spent more than hour there and didn't want to leave!.we were singing with Agnetha and others (of course they were holograms I mean)!
  21. Many agencies provide early booking discounts, so it is a good time to start searching an offer!
  22. St.Petersburg might be called a big open-air museum as you can see great landmarks just on the streets. I like one part of the city, the oldest one called Petrograd side, it's full of old beautiful buildings, narrow quiet streets and endless yards. There are roof tours, porch tours (but I'm not sure it's oficially allowed) and of course boat tours which are my favourite.
  23. Oh yeas at least we have possibility to "travel" online now..actually I'm watching some videos about remote locations I hardly know about. Like Altai region in Siberia or Kamchatka landmarks
  24. Tivoli is great! We were there on Halloween and it was so fun and cool! although pretty cold 🤪
  25. It always takes time to overcome a serious upheaval. First people can't even imagine they will be able to go back to normal, but gradually life takes over..I'm trying to stay positive and dreaming of our future travel without particular dates yet..
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