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  1. We delayed leaving Roatan today by 35-40 minutes for what looked like two late arriving families with full luggage. Families that missed the cruise in Miami and only barely made it to Roatan? Crazy sight on the pier with 15+ running with luggage to the boat.
  2. Ship translated sideways from the dock at 5:26! On our way. Glad your family made it.
  3. Just announced a delay to sail until 5:15 for late arriving passengers.
  4. Wishing your family luck! We are onboard Symphony right now and heading to muster. They say they will leave on time at 430.
  5. I'm likely to use Rony's or Bodden's (recommendation which?) private tour for my family of 4 in April. I know for sure we want to do zip lines & the monkey/sloth zoo but the websites and a check of other posts here on cruise critic make it unclear just how long this takes and how much time would be left for other activities. I'd like to plan out my day in advance so I can choose different experiences at other ports of call so I'd love to hear what you all choose for your "private tour" days on Roatan (to which we have never sailed before.) We are happy to leave the ship shortly after docking but we won't cut returning to the boat close, at least 1.5 hours before. We will be on RCCL Symphony in late April. Thanks!
  6. There are two things going on with this thread... 1. People think the wording of RCI's sales, including this "BOGO 50" is deceptive. 2. People think the sales aren't very good. Well one is right. Sorry but the wording of the BOGO 50 is not deceptive. RCI has always made clear for years and years (and also in this sale right now) that prices shown are always bottom line prices AFTER the discount is applied so that the buyer doesn't need to do the mental gymnastics of reducing the number shown by 50% or whatever. As for the "big" Black Friday sales we all were hoping for, well other than a strong discount on refreshment packages I think the other sales, including for the deluxe drink package, shore excursions etc. are at best a few bucks here or there and in many cases non-existent vs the previous sale prices (like jewelry; drink packages, shore excursions, dining, and cruises are ALWAYS on some kind of "sale"). That may be disappointing to us all but it is a sign that RCI thinks they will get plenty enough folks to buy at the higher price anyway and that is capitalism at its finest. If they are wrong keep watching your Cruise Planner because at some point then they will drop the price.
  7. See your screen shot? The price has an asterisk next to it. Click through to the link and guess what it says next to the asterisk note "price shown reflects your discount" and further if you put it on your cart it actually shows that "discount applied as 25% off each package, same as BOGO 50% off". PS: While I wish they would have lowered the price more (who doesn't) I actually appreciate that no matter how the sale is structured the actual price list is the price you pay. Why? Because it makes it easy to figure out if you are getting a better deal. Imagine if they listed the regular price on the image but YOU had to do the 25% off or BOGO 50% or whatever and each week because the sale was structured different you would need to recalculate... this is easier, if I log on and see the price is lower IT IS lower because it already includes whatever the "creative" way of expressing the sale is this week. It bottom lines it for me. Right now your number is $52. If you log on Monday, a month from now, or whenever if that number drops below $52 you can get a better price, no fine print to understand.
  8. I agree, the only "big" drop I saw today was 2019 refreshment package which went from $26 to $17 which for our family of 4 saved $297. Also made it a no brainer for my wife and I not to do the DBP as we don't drink very much when cruising with the kids and the DBP hardly dropped so the difference is in price with the refreshment package was more than enough to make it cheaper just to buy 2-3 premium alcoholic drinks per day or even more if you are talking about a beer. I also did the VOOM+STREAM for 2 devices which I think dropped quite a bit and is "50% off onboard prices" so about $19 a day total for the 2 devices.
  9. I know you said your weren't interested... but come on, just look at this! It was amazing and full shade anytime you want it.
  10. Ok, let me explain (not that you will be happy, or should be...) The prices for the 2019 Deluxe Package have been listed as "25% off onboard prices" for some time. That is what you previously purchased at when you got them for $52. Today for Black Friday they are listed as BOGO 50% off, or buy one get one 50% off, but it is based on the full onboard price NOT the 25% off onboard price. Guess what full price + 50% off your 2nd one is? Its the exact same thing as saying 25% off each, which you guessed it, is what the price has been for weeks and months. In your case, $52. Is it a deal? Absolutely not, but it isn't a lie either.
  11. Thats wild because I too got off the Mariner Friday and saw Hugo constantly and he was the face of the cruise for us. I agree some of the 2nd tier game shows were run by the female activity manager and she had energy but did seem frazzled.
  12. Last week 11/12 I know they had the meg, black panther, hotel Transylvania 3, a simple lie and at least one more...
  13. Just used Uber from FLL to Miami hotel, then hotel to the new Miami terminal A, then Uber from Terminal A direct to FLL. Never waited more than 5-10 minutes for an Uber and all at a great price. I would NEVER book a limo or take a taxi anymore.
  14. we used Uber to and from Terminal A on 11/12-11/16 Mariner cruise. No problems really, the Terminal A is not yet a destination in the Uber app so I just listed the Port and there was a choice that had the "driving" line past the Terminal so I thought it was fair to the driver and picked that. As for pickup I had to place my location mark where I was standing in the ride sharing area of Terminal A and I made sure to send a text to the driver that I was at "the new Terminal A" and although both drivers clearly had never been there neither had any issues. We got the Uber in less than 10 minutes after calling it on the curb of the terminal and there were tons and tons of Uber and Lyft vehicles constantly picking up and dropping off. No issues at all.
  15. It's hard to put your finger on the fine line between over the top and infectious but Hugo certainly falls on the right side of the line. The moment we first heard from him I thought, wow... too much energy and craziness I won't like this but a minute later he had everyone, including myself won over. I kept telling my wife I had no idea how the guy can do that week after week, cruise after cruise.
  16. thanks, if they have any deals this black friday on individual reservations (i have a suspicion it will be on the packages and BOGO's which offer much less flexibility than i want) i'll book something and hopefully be able to move it around (subject to availability) at the same price once they allow entertainment reservations.
  17. I haven't seen much discussion of CD Hugo Arneas on these boards as it appears he just moved up to CD in late 2017 on Empress's Cuba cruises and now Mariner on the 3 and 4 days out of Miami at least through December. He was a perfect CD for Caribbean cruises with him being bilingual in Spanish and his energy level was beyond over the top yet somehow didn't become grating. Everything was a Latin flair. Very funny at every function he attended on the ship and a super job on the parties, I felt he was the best CD we have had on 5 RCI cruises so far.
  18. I typically book speciality dining around the shows and since they aren't going to be released for a long time it seems can I book any "sales" on Black Friday and then change the times later? I won't buy dining "packages" as we want to have a set time and schedule in advance of the ship but can I safely book a time now for a particular venue (it is 155 days till sailing on the Symphony and I *already* am allowed to book speciality dining dates and times on my cruise planner!) and then just have the option of changing it (at the same pricing) to another date/time once I have the entertainment booked?
  19. Are the packages worth it from the perspective of not being able to schedule in advance of the ship more than the first night? I intentionally didn't pick a package when sailing on Mariner last week because I wanted specific restaurants and times each night scheduled and not worry about if seating at a given time or even the restaurant on a given night at all would be available for my sailing. In April in the last "big" week of the spring break season after Easter I'll sail on Symphony and I'd love to do at least 3 speciality nights for my wife and I (maybe one night with the kids too) but with having to schedule around entertainment shows (that you have to reserve on Oasis class ships) and not being one to want to eat later in the evening since we have kids I worried that if I take advantage of the Black Friday or other deals to buy a "package" I'll arrive on the ship only to discover that I either can't get my desired restaurants on a certain night or that the times will interfere with shows etc. That said on Mariner the restaurants all had no issues with times and even walk ins from what I could see OTHER than on the last night of the sailing in Chops which seemed full. PS: Chops was a not great experience on Mariner (we have had Chops on Navigator and Allure before). Since it was full we had a server who seemed to have zero time for any personal attention, his first interaction with us was to set bread on the table and ask if we had decided. The steaks were way undercooked from our requested medium (I'm NOT picky and didn't send them back, but this was pretty wildly off the mark swimming in blood) and the "shareable" sides were so incredibly small it wasn't even a portion for a SINGLE person let alone for two (and my wife and I eat like birds this was literally 2 little spoonfuls of mashed potatoes to "share") so we had to ask for more which they certainly brought but made me feel like I'm some sort of glutton for asking. It really felt like the MDR but smaller. Jamie's on Mariner was very, very nice and Izumi was a typical but good hibachi experience.
  20. I've seen it happen (just did on Mariner) but typically with Chops and on the last night (American's want their big blowout steak dinner on the last day). Jamie's was almost empty for us on night 1 and Izumi seemed 50-75% full on night 3 but was taking walk-ins. This was on Mariner on a 4 night cruise and we did speciality 3 out of 4 nights.
  21. I have a post-Easter April cruise on Symphony booked for my family of 4 and I'm anticipating deals on Black Friday for shore excursions, dining, and perhaps drink packages that I'd like to book. Having once before cruised on the Allure I know that the entertainment "shows" are a big deal on these ships, at least for my family, so I'd like to plan speciality dining etc. around the show days and times. It doesn't appear there is anyway to book or see when Entertainment is scheduled for the April cruise, when does this typically become available? If I book reduced rate dining or other options on Black Friday can I later change the times and dates of the dining reservations while keeping the reduced rates? Thanks, my kids haven't cruised in about 3-4 years and are older now (13/10) so we'd like to really create a big blowout vacation out of this next cruise and we know how planning is useful on these ships. Thanks!
  22. The suite lounge does have an area with beverages and light snacks set up and a large seating area with couches and plush chairs but i'm unsure if they have any alcohol. We didn't wait around and directly boarded the ship after the RCI employee with the tablet checked us in. There was a small handful of people in the large lounge sitting enjoying it.
  23. Yep, we had a Junior Suite on the Mariner 11/12/18 sailing and found Terminal A incredible. Once dropped off by Uber our bags were taken in less than 15 seconds, we walked into the building and were directly shown to an elevator that took us to the 3rd floor for suite guests. Leaving the elevator there immediately was a security x-ray machine followed by entering the suite lounge. A RCI employee greats you with a tablet and checks your passport and that you have properly pre-entered your information before the cruise. You then go directly across a gangway onto the ship. The total time from the curb till we were standing on the ship was 5-7 minutes. Getting off was also easy. We did the self-exit or whatever they call it when you take your own bags. We left at exactly 7:30 am and once off the ship since we weren't waiting on bags we went directly to the new TSA facial scan system which took all of 1 or 2 minutes to get to the head of the line. The scan took 10 seconds and we then were allowed to leave without a single question or even looking at our passports. The total time from when we exited the ship until back on the curb was under 5 minutes. Now getting to and from Terminal A is a pain. The roads on the pier itself wind in S shapes the whole way down to the end of the pier where the A terminal is located and it takes a while in traffic on the pier itself to get there. The curb itself was pretty busy. That said we ordered an Uber around 7:45 am while standing in the ride sharing curb area and waited under 10 minutes until we were picked up. All in all we loved Terminal A but we will see how it does when we cruise on the bigger and more crowded Symphony during April 2019 in a normal cabin class and not with the special suite lounge.
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