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  1. Does Royal allow you to have multiple bookings in your name on the same ship & sail date as long as you are before final payment? For example, could I book two rooms in my name for Oasis of the Seas on March 21 (arbitrary date) at the same time?
  2. We were booked on a 3/13 sailing that we cancelled. Our FCC's were not evenly split. My wife (guest 2) actually had a slightly higher value. We got our taxes and fees refunded this past week. We booked a cruise for May on 3/13 which was immediately paid in full. Once we got our FCC, our TA requested that they be put towards the May cruise and refunded the amount used. We were sent an updated invoice showing the refund amount and Royal confirmed as of last week that it was in process. While I don't think our sailing in May will happen at this point, the fact that we were not given equal FCC and
  3. Thank you. Nothing under mine either.
  4. I don't see anything on the Carnival website about two free days. Does anyone have a link because I must be missing something?
  5. Where did you find the form? The email we got says that they won't start until March 23.
  6. That's kind of what I figured, but hoped they would just include the $500 in the refund. We dont sail Norwegian often and only bought the certificates to apply to the great deal we booked last week. I don't want them :)
  7. Just found this so I guess I have part of my answer. I don't know how the cruise next certificates apply though. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-faq/what-costs-are-included-future-cruise-credit-fcc
  8. We were on a sailing that was cancelled this weekend so our options are full refund or 150% FCC. When you look at your invoice you have the cruise fare, service charges, and taxes/fees. Do they refund the service charges and taxes/fees to your method of payment and then calculate the FCC based solely off of the cruise fare? Or do they just take the entire amount paid to calculate the FCC? How do they factor in the use of cruise next certificates? Also, how do they factor in any upgrades through NCL Advantage? We bid on/won an upgrade prior to sailing. Our room total was $3,092.50 +
  9. I've cruised NCL three previous times, but not for several years and not with a dining package. I'm used to how specialty dining works on Royal Caribbean. With our upcoming cruise, we received a 3 night specialty dining package. We looked over the menu's and I see that everything has an a la carte price and some items have extra charges. I understand the concept of the extra charge, but what are we entitled to at no additional cost with our package?
  10. Pardon my ignorance, but is a flamenco show suitable for children? Are there any within walking distance of the port? How long does a show typically last?
  11. We will only be in port at night time. Looking for the best place to grab an authentic pina colada that's within walking distance to the port (safe walking as well). We aren't looking for a party atmosphere as we will have children in our group as well. Thanks!
  12. Blue Water - we will be in port from 6:00-2:00 so not ideal times to spend a long amount of time anywhere. We are also the only ship in port that day. How far away is Long Bay Beach from the port? Will "facilities" be open there earlier in the morning say around 9:00? Will facilities be open at Brewer's or CGB at that time?
  13. We had it for our cruise over Thanksgiving. We had a separate line where they scanned our passports and set sail pass, then a separate line for security, and then straight to the waiting area. The benefit is the quicker check in/security. The expedited arrival only gets you on the ship faster if they have already started boarding and that's only because you are in a separate line for security/check in. If you arrive prior to boarding then you will still wait with everyone else and follow the normal boarding procedures.
  14. Just wanted to come back and let everyone know that we got assigned and it was an interior room as we originally booked.
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