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  1. Sailing on Oasis out of Miami in November. The vaccination status upload appeared in the app yesterday. We are not sailing to a country that requires it.
  2. How close to completion is Wonder? Looking at the March sailings, but seeing all of the delays that Odyssey had and other lines (like Mardi Gras) had makes it a tough choice to jump ship from our current cruise for March to Wonder.
  3. Are they switching the existing Allure sailings in March 2022 to Wonder or is Wonder in addition to Allure in March 2022? We are booked on Allure already so I'm very curious to know.
  4. It's my understanding that the boardwalk balconies towards the aft of the boardwalk have a clear or somewhat clear view of the aqua theater/ocean when looking to the side. I also understand that when looking directly forward, you will be looking at some portion of the Ultimate Abyss. If given the option of the last couple of cabins on either side, which deck(s) have the least obstructed view? Our current best options would be the last cabin on deck 9 starboard side or the second to last cabin on deck 11 port side. With cancellations this may change so for my current options as well as future options (and people reading this post), which deck(s) would be best? I did not include Allure as the Ultimate Abyss is not currently on the boardwalk.
  5. Why wouldn't you book these again? We were looking at rooms on Deck 9 - 11 towards the back. Not the aqua theater cabins though as those are way out of our price range. I saw a couple of videos on YouTube of some of these rooms and the slide was an obstruction if facing directly forward, but did not appear to be much of one if looking to the side towards the aft/aqua theater. Are you saying the slide is actually an obstruction if looking towards the side if you were in say the last couple of cabins on those decks?
  6. For Symphony, Harmony, and now Oasis, what deck/room location allows you to see the Aqua Theater without the slid being in the way?
  7. Thank you. Are you saying that you think Ovation is better overall or just for the kids pool area?
  8. I see that Ovation of the Seas has what appears to be Splashaway Bay where as Quantum has the H2O zone which looks like a little wave pool for smaller kids. The videos I found from Quantum are fairly old and I believe the ship went through a dry dock a couple of years ago. Did they update Quantum to Splashaway Bay?
  9. The "new" cruise planner is down. The "old" cruise planner is up. At least for me and my bookings.
  10. Are infinity bay and paradise Beach Club closer to the reef compared to Bananarama?
  11. Surprisingly, I don't see a Tabyana beach break excursion for our sailing in March. We have been to Bananarama a couple of times, but didn't see a reef right off the beach so I assume it's further down. What beach club/resort is closest to the reef "steps from the beach?" Will have kids of varying ages so looking for the shortest swimming distance.
  12. So when I login and click on Voyagers Club, it asks if I want to become a member. I have not gone through those prompts because I didn't want to potentially screw up the status match. Are you saying that once assigned, I will see my number there instead of it asking me to join? Or do I need to join and then my number will show up there once matched?
  13. Thank you for the heads up on this. We had a cruise booked on Allure for early next year. We were booked on an agency exclusive rate so no OBC. Moved from a single interior to connecting interiors, saved $600, picked up $100 OBC since they are matching the cruise line rate, and will now get twice as many points for having a solo in one room. Should be able to use the $100 myVegas Rewards as well.
  14. Good because those 4 points a night will bump up my C&A status
  15. I booked a solo room (central park interior) on Oasis for later this year. After reading this thread, I'm confused as to how many points I'm going to get. I was under the impression that I would be receiving 4 points per night, but I have no idea what code I booked under. It was just whatever price that Royal Caribbean was showing on the website. So should I still get the 4 points or not since the supplement apparently doesn't exist?
  16. How do they differentiate between earned diamond and diamond by parent? Seems like a lot of effort and doesn't make a lot of sense since you could be diamond because of your spouse and still get all of the benefits. How did you know that your minor had the free drink vouchers?
  17. Did they provide you with your voyager number in the email as well?
  18. Do minors also get the drink vouchers for use on soda, mocktails, etc?
  19. I booked solo on Oasis as I'm going with a couple of friends and I offered to go solo to get extra points. Does the lack of a surcharge have any impact on me getting the extra C&A points for being a solo cruiser?
  20. This was my question before. It does not state OV or higher in the T&C so where are you getting that from?
  21. Where do you see that the extra $50 is for Oceanview and above? I read the T&Cand did not see that.
  22. What did you provide to validate your Royal Caribbean status? I have a C&A card somewhere from years ago, but it doesn't provide a current status. The Royal Caribbean website and the app both just show your first name, C&A number, and status/points, but not your last name.
  23. Does anyone know what Royal Caribbean Emerald and Diamond match to? We will be Emerald after the points update (hopefully within the next few days) and could possibly reach Diamond within the next couple of months, but didn't want to wait if they match to the same level. Also, has anyone from the US applied via the UK or Germany website and gotten a fast response? It seems those countries get a much quicker response, but didn't want to potentially mess things up by applying outside of the US if that even matters.
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