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  1. bravojulietcharlie

    Fountain drinks - Nieuw Statendam

    Hi everyone, I apologise as this has doubtless been answered before - however I’ve trawled the various beverage threads to no avail! Sailing onboard Nieuw Statendam next month - I’m looking into purchasing the $25 for $50 soda card. I’m just a little unsure as to exactly which beverages are available via this - is it literally only fizzy soft drinks such as coke or sprite which would be included with this, or are there other soft drinks such as juices or ice tea? Thank you for your help!
  2. bravojulietcharlie

    Amber Cove Dominican Coffee Excursion?

    I’ve booked this excursion for our sailing onboard Nieuw Statendam next month - it looks like a more unique experience compared to the more commercial ambience of Amber Cove itself. Fingers crossed!