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  1. We booked a cruise last Sep for Feb 2021. If this situation with COVID doesn't change the only way you will be able to get off the ship is with a shore excursions through Princess. I can see the possibility that some ports maybe open and others with limited access. At least by booking now we can cancel the excursion and decide what we want to do later.
  2. It looks like it's going to be a wash. We purchased the cruise on the Sip & Sale with $100 refundable deposit. The cruise price looks like it's about the same, we will get free wifi but we are platinum members, and instead of $100 OBC will get the Premium Beverage Package. It's almost becoming a no brainer.
  3. That is why we have not cancelled the cruise. We will wait until final payment is due. Thinking of transferring it to 2022, hope we can get it at the same price.
  4. I am not so much interested in cancellations. The cruise lines will do what they have to get their ships up and going. My main concern is if the ports are going to be open for passengers or are we going to have to use only cruise line excursions. Also, what will social distancing mean.
  5. Thanks Steve, that's great to know. I thought it would be more than that.
  6. My wife and I cruise mainly in the Caribbean and I often wonder how much we should get coverage for an emergency evacuation. We've been on cruises where there has been an emergency evacuation and wonder how much the evacuation cost that person. If you did not have insurance, it sure would ruin a great cruise. Thanks for your time.
  7. I am very happy the way Princess settled my situation. Our Mediterranean for Oct was cancelled, we choose option 1 (200%) for FCC. Our TA suggested that I go online and if I can cancel all our prepaid excursions, which I was able to do. The next day I and found out from my TA it would take 60 -90 days to get the refund. Found out from my credit card company that I had to put any disputes in before 60 days. Called credit card company and placed a dispute on the transaction, no problem. Less than 10 days later I found the dispute was resolved in full . Also; had a Western Caribbean cruise
  8. It will be interesting to see if Port Ft Lauderdale will let cruise ships back in. Looks like Miami and Port Canaveral are opening up for Carnival. It will also be interesting to see what safety procedures they are going to have to follow. Looks like it's going to be a long Hot summer.
  9. I agree HEPA filters should be standard on all cruise ships as well as all airlines. I replaced my furnace filters with a electronic whole house cleaner years ago. Most people change their filters once or twice a year, I have to clean my whole house cleaner usually every three months. We use an active charcoal post filter and we still get "white dust". It's made a huge difference in my seasonal allergies and colds during the winter.
  10. Having read this thread I have come up with a question. If all these European ports are closing their ports for 2020 and even if they start opening up later my question is - How safe are these ports going to be for us passengers going to be??? I got a letter from the CEO of my health insurance company stating we are covered for COVID-19, but will not be covered if we are not in the United States.
  11. We too are avid Princess passagers and are booked at the end of Oct. My first question was what ports will let us in and if we were are going to have to wear masks on them. When I went on Princess website the other day to see if there were any updates, my big question now is what are the international flights going to look like? We are going to wait and see until we can get confirm flights there and back. I want the the cruise to be the adventure not how we got there.
  12. It appears to me that the cruise lines will eliminate all short cruises, as they will be a lot more expensive to do or they will have to raise the fares that will make much to expensive to cruise. Even 7 days could in danger, I can for see more 10 - 14 day cruises coming in the future.
  13. This excursion was cancelled the day of the excursion. It did not get charged on our statement, basically it ended up as an OBC.
  14. Don't everyone feel bad. We finished our cruise on January 25th. We have a small credit on our shipboard account, a shore excursion was cancelled. As of this date we still have not received a refund check or a credit on our credit card. I'm going to wait another week or so before I give Princess a call.
  15. DW and I did one of his steel drum lessons. We all in the class had a great time, especially trying to play "Mary had a Little Lamb" .
  16. I agree with you on there was a lot of music in the Piazza. When we were on it the band's were playing until 11pm. You could've heard them playing on Emerald deck (8) at 11pm around the center elevators.
  17. Just checked the Ft Lauderdale's port webcam. The Caribbean Princess is still in port. The port shecdule shows it departing Sunday at 4pm. https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com
  18. Just got off the Sky last week. We booked a private tour (Trikes). One gal in our party has a bad knee. I went to Google Maps and measured the distance to the meeting point. It showed a .3 mile walk down the pier and another .2 mile walk to the meeting point. On the excursion we used what was stated in the description to get an idea of the distance and or surface walking on.
  19. We use the Fitbit Zip replacement bands on our last cruise and did not have a problem with them. The bands are soft and pliable so you can fit them in with any problem. https://www.amazon.com/Buckle-Bracelet-Replacement-Silicone-Fastener/dp/B0727Y4MT6/ref=sr_1_2?crid=EA304PN12PFX&dchild=1&keywords=fitbit+zip+replacement+bands&qid=1580255129&sprefix=replacement+bands+for+fitbit+zip%2Caps%2C179&sr=8-2
  20. I agree that it will be on what the ports can handle. DW and I were in Cozumel last Thursday on the Sky Princess. There were four other ships in port. What a "Zoo" in that port. We did the Trikes and drove to the east end of the island to a couple of beaches. It was so much more peaceful until we ended back at the port. It's getting to a point some of these small port are not fun to visit anymore.
  21. The only thing I can think of is that the Medallion photo is more current. It sure is getting more lax. It will be interesting to see what happen when we take our Mediterranean cruise in October.
  22. Just checked my passport photo. My passport has me with no glasses, and my Medallion photo shows with my glasses on. The photo at customs shows me and DW with our glasses on.
  23. All it was facial. The same photo that was on my Ocean Medallion. Princess must be giving them the information they want from our passports.
  24. DW and I just got off the Princess Sky yesterday. Doing a walk-off at 7am and had all our luggage and receipts ready to go through customs in case we had to declare any of our purchases. To our surprise we came up to a bunch of people like we were disembarking at any port they scanned me and my photo popped up on a screen. The customs officer stated my name and told be to continue out the door. He never asked me if we had anything to declare, so we went out the door and continued to our private transportation. Does anyone know when they started this with customs???
  25. We rented a bungalow the last time we were on the Caribbean Princess. We got a call asking if we wanted a burger basket or a fruit basket. We declined the basket, the guys went snorkeling and the gals did a little sight seeing, we all met at the buffet for lunch.
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