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  1. That is cheap. Due to school March is not possible for myself or a lot of families. It's why their special deals for BOGO, etc aren't valid for when kids are out. Unless your willing to take your child out for a full week of school of course.
  2. I mentioned Odyseey with the Oasis because it's the newest ship so it should be more in direct comparison to the Oasis class for popularity vs. the older class ships. So was looking for feedback from people who have sailed on Oasis class ships for the holiday. Seeing the $1,000 rate which to me is cheap for a ship like this is why I was really asking if the ships are full. Pricing like that I feel like they're desperate to get people on the boats.
  3. I am considering doing my first holiday cruise as it'll be the only opportunity to catch the Odyssey of the Seas. Are Thanksgiving sailings typically very popular dates for Oasis class? The price is pretty cheap at $1,088 right now and the ports seem pretty incredible. Anyone knows if occupancy is normally full for this week of sailing?
  4. Ok so basically they don't do production type shows like RCCL. I'll look into Mardi Gras when they start sailing to get a different cruise experience. Just needed to know my expectations as far as shows, as we love the RCCL production shows.
  5. I've only been on Royal Caribbean and anyone who has went on Carnival have never mentioned any entertainment shows. I am curious does Carnival newest ships have the same kind of entertainment shows that Royal Caribbean offers? For example Symphony of Seas had: Hairspray! The Broadway Musical Flight: Dare to Dream Hiro Stand-Up Comedy (I know Carnival has comedy) 1977 iSkate 2.0 Aqua Nation Then it'll have the late night entertainment shows like Quest, Family Feud, Love and Marriage, etc. We like to stay busy with activities so just curious if they put on big shows like Royal does. Need to understand my expectations as I've heard a lot of bad things about Carnival, but if I go it would be Mardi Gras when it launches.
  6. Are we able to pay for a cheaper resort and still walk past Infinity side for snorkeling right? As we don't need to use a pool, just wanted to go in that area for snorkeling off the beach.
  7. I have no idea why Discover Roatan is so expensive. But those were the total prices with a 10% discount code added. The last two of 149 and 150 is added together as that's the cost with the experience + transport. Sorry didn't mean zoo, but animal sanctuaries. Was just quicker to type zoo atm lol. The beach is Infinity for entrance. I message Infinity directly but haven't received a response yet since I was curious what they would charge. Also to note the 11AM deadline to hug is not the same time as us here in America. His response was, " Your ship time for that is 9:30AM, but our sloths live on ISLAND TIME, so you will get here at 7:30AM "Sloth Time!" and have pleanty of time to visit the sloths. "
  8. This is the quotes I received. Does this sound about right to everyone for 3 people? Hopefully this is helpful to people in the future also. The discoverroatan is with their 10% discount. The beach is Infinity Bay entrance. Ronys Tour: -$90 for car ride -$15 each for entrance to zoo -$20 each for entrance to beach - $195 total Victor Bodden Tour: - $90 for car ride - $15 total for zoo (11AM deadline to hug) - Beach range from 10 to 40 per person - $165 estimated total discoverroatan.net: - $149.47 for beach - $150.62 for zoo - $270.08 total monkeyandslothhangout.com: - Little more expensive than above
  9. How does it work as far as getting dropped off at the port of Miami with Uber? Is it like an airport where there is a drop off section? As I will either use Uber or try to get the Turo car rental to pickup at the port of Miami. I just don't know how that would work out if I can meet them at the port of Miami for them to take their car back.
  10. Prices for alcohol bottles are much cheaper on the ship vs. at home. If I purchase a 1.75L bottle, they seem to stack three of them in a cardboard box. Will the airlines think that is secure enough inside a suitcase or would it need to be bubble wrapped individually? If bubble wrapped then I may just get rid of the cardboard box to save room and individually wrap them and place them in the checked luggage.
  11. For the prices people are posting, $25-35 per person, was this booked ahead of time or day of? Looking at their websites it seems like the rates are higher than what has been quoted in this thread.
  12. Does RCL offer complimentary shuttle when you dock at Cozumel to get to their beach? The other question is does RCL have a buffet on the island that is complimentary?
  13. Does RCL offer complimentary shuttle when you dock at Costa Maya to get to their beach? The other question is does RCL have a buffet on the island that is complimentary?
  14. Does RCL offer complimentary shuttle when you dock at Roatan to get to their beach? The other question is does RCL have a buffet on the island that is complimentary?
  15. Curious what the gameplan is considering you want to eat breakfast and catch a flight at 12:30 in ft lauderdale when your at the miami port. When's the latest a person should start to attempt to get off the boat that day? Carry own luggage or have royal take care of it? All the other flights are around 5:30 which leaves a lot of time with suitcases and no room. I typically arrive at an airport 60-90 minutes before boarding, never had an issue. Haven't used a florida airport before.
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