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  1. Which version? There's the current always included version which gives you premium drinks, streaming wifi, etc and there's the old basic set which gives you the classic beverage package and surf wifi.
  2. Did you get Indulge like a normal suite guest, or did you get the basic Always Included package?
  3. Does anyone know what perks casino suites come with? I spoke to three different agents on the phone, and got 3 sets of answers. One agent told me you get "gratuity, classic beverage package and stream wifi", a second told me that plus "$300 OBC and unlimited specialty dining", and the third told me that you get always included, but not the automatic upgrade to indulge that normal suite guests get.
  4. Lots of people do go back to the store, and get a price adjustment. I see your post says you're in Germany, is that not a thing there?
  5. Did anyone else get an email about the 50/20 Power Up Points promotion, with a link to a sale that ends tonight for cruise packages (photo/beverage/spa/etc) and 20-40% off? I clicked on the link and the prices of all the packages are the same as they were last week, except for one or two things that appear to be higher. Is anyone seeing an actual discount?
  6. I think you're looking at it from the wrong angle. My guess is that while the CBP has a low overall cost to them, it likely has a very high ROI. Passengers who are drinking are more likely to spend money on other things, like gambling and shopping. While WiFi likely has a zero or negative return.
  7. Amex offers come regularly, but it's always for US card holders ONLY, correct? There are some Amex Offers for Canadian card holders, I'm not sure about other countries.
  8. I think the issue is she's using a built in mic, not a decent external one. Which is pretty surprising considering the company.
  9. The Ceo/President has been the best for me, but I'm still missing 80% of what she says. I was looking forward to this presentation, I can't believe they didn't do a test run first!
  10. You've missed literally nothing. They're currently talking about the same safety protocols we've all already read about, ad nauseum.
  11. I've had sound the entire time, but it's been (mostly) very staticky.
  12. Is anyone else that's listening, finding that the sound quality is literally, painful? I've had to mute it twice now.
  13. It's a nice thing to do, people just like to complain about everything.
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