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  1. This looks the same as my cruise in February 2020. It's a good menu though.
  2. That's interesting--that has not been the case for us! In fact I have always had to do what I can to track them down that last afternoon/evening to make sure they get their tips! I guess it depends on the steward and butler...
  3. No, but I did ask my butler once if we could keep a supply of that awesome bar mix in our room. He happily obliged. YUM.
  4. Disagree. I would NOT try and sneak anyone inn who did not pay for the privilege--it has nothing at all to do with embarrassment at potentially getting caught. While I may not be without sin in other areas, I totally am without this particular type of sin.
  5. I just think this is wrong. The Haven is for Haven guests who pay an arm and a leg to stay there. They pay for all the perks. In return they get (or are supposed to) fewer people, a more serene quiet experience. If only one person did this, no it would not affect anyone else. But it would still be wrong.
  6. I thought Ocean Blue was kind of mediocre. But now I might try it again and get grilled lobster! Have never had anything but a totally delicious meat at La Cucina (I guess I've been lucky!). Moderno is probably good if you like plate after plate of meat, which I'm just not into. I love Le Bistro and usually have really good food at Cagney's. We were on the Bliss a year ago and my all-time fav meal was at Los Lobos. We had so much fun too. It's all really just different strokes for different folks. The only food I have not enjoyed any time I have tried it is the free bar food restaurant--can't remember the name. Service has always been awful, food greasy and not hot. And since it is in the wide open, always very loud. I'm sure others have had good experiences there though.
  7. Yes I just found it. It's an interesting read, too! I get what you are saying, but if I can't say never until it's never, that would mean I was dead. And then couldn't say it even if I wanted to. I suppose I should have said "in 66 years I have never gotten it." Which is what I meant. Semantics!
  8. I am 66 and I have never had the flu. I never had a flu shot until 2 years ago. So now you know someone! 😉
  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I had actually forgotten all about this review and I ended up reading the whole thing, grinning, and wishing I was back onboard! Re your question, though, I was never aware of any steepness--I have a slightly weakened right ankle that I am careful of since I am an avid early morning walker (I have torn a ligament twice) so I would have been aware if it was steep. It was a gentle downhill slope. Go for it!
  10. Yes, we did make it. There was only one more cruise that went out after us before the shut-down. The cabana experience was unreal. The best day of the cruise. I posted a review of the cruise and there are lots of pictures of the cabana in it. I will look for the link. Here it is--hope it works:
  11. I agree with this. I think it will still be awhile before they do. And when they do, I think it's likely they will kind of test the waters with short cruises.
  12. OK, I get it now. Appreciate all the help. 🙂
  13. Good info. We won’t be buying a package, I don’t think. But would like to eat at the Steak place one night, and the Italian place another night. So if I reserve those two online, as long as I don’t reserve for the same time as our MTD, it will go through ok?
  14. Ok, thanks. I just wasn’t sure what they prefer or if they hold a table or what they do. I will of course notify them.
  15. I have a cruise booked with RCI for next May. It's been a few years since I cruised with Royal, but I am familiar with MTD--at least how it worked a few years ago. I went ahead and reserved MTD at 6:30 each night. We will want to do Specialty two nights. My question is this: On those nights we eat elsewhere do we need to notify the MDR that we won't be there on those 2 nights or do we just not show up? Not sure how that works. Thanks in advance.
  16. To answer your question, OP, if other restaurants are bookable and La Cucina shows no times, you can still book once (if) you get onboard. Only a portion of available reservations are allowed online.
  17. Totally agree that you need common sense too. We had a Bed and Breakfast booked since last August for the end of this month. I called and asked if, instead of cancelling, can we just move it a couple months later? She was happy to. So now we are booked for mid June. Hoping it will be a go but well aware we might have to move it again.
  18. Glad to hear it--as am I. Just seems like so often when someone asks an optimistic question, way too many replies are like slaps. Optimism is just generally in the nature of some, and not in others.
  19. You are NOT allowed to be an optimist here without a whole lotta preaching', lol.
  20. We were in the Haven on the Bliss Feb 23-March 1 and the only thing different from your Haven experience was we were indeed escorted to the theatre for shows. It must depend on the Concierge as the one we had was not the same as yours. Ours was new to the Bliss as of our cruise (or maybe the cruise before). We also loved Le Bistro and Los Lobos! But as we all know, food is subjective. Glad you had a great cruise! The Bliss is gorgeous.
  21. You can still get towel animals. All you have to do is request them. This "no more towel animals" thing has gotten tired. or maybe I have just gotten tired...
  22. Thank you, V&J! Seems like eons ago I was on board--a sad change of reality since then, for sure. The refrigerator was stocked with water. The only other thing we got was salsa and tortilla chips. I don't remember there being any fruit, but there might have been...we were focused on our drinks. 😉 I suppose since I no longer wear glasses I might as well switch that photo out (for one with sunglasses, ha ha). I'll see what I can do. So happy to hear from you again, girl! 🥰
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