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  1. I think that is actually a very good idea. And I would love to contribute. But true, it is hard to find info about certain tours or tour operators if you don't know which one you are looking for. Do you know what I mean? Maybe it's a good idea to find a way for travellers to tell their stories about certain tours and operators. Then again, those are personal opinions. I just know that for me personally, I like tours that are unique" and not the mass tours and it is always a victory when I find those....
  2. The Baltic has been on my wish list for a long time and when we finally booked the cruise a few years back, my search for the best deals was next. I was looking at St Petersburg and the sights to see, I knew we needed a private or small group tour. This way you can see the most of what the city has to offer. For us, we choose Anastasia Tours. They were very helpful with setting up the 2-day private tour. It was perfect and money well spent. Both days we had the same guide who knew St Petersburg by heart. We saw a lot, but still so much to see. So our 2nd Baltic cruise is in the process of being selected and when we reach St Petersburg we will surely book a private tour again.
  3. Our trip ended in Copenhagen and we had Anastasia tours help us with that. So we disembarked the ship, took a scenic tour and drop of at airport. It’s the other way around but maybe you can just contact them and ask. They are very helpful. Our St Petersburg and Berlin (Warnemunde) tours were also booked via them.
  4. Hi, I would feel uncomfortable with that small of a timeframe. There are so many things that can just take a little longer than expected and you will miss your flight. But if you really have to go back as soon as possible I would also check with the cruise line and maybe there are other flights? Or maybe disembark a day earlier?
  5. I like my cruise to be divided in port and sea days. Because when we are in port, we feel it's a shame to stay onboard with a world to be discovered outside. So we tend to need the sea days to relax and get ready for the next port day.
  6. You can both enjoy non-virgin Pina Coladas poolside. Enjoy your cruise with your niece!!
  7. I would go back on any of them in a heartbeat. 😊
  8. Thank you dogs4fun!! I love these kind of series, can't wait to see it! I just seen the The Last Czars, but that is more of a documentary.
  9. I remember the first time I saw her. We were just walking the ship along the water and we saw a few people making pictures of something along the water side.... and then we saw her. And true we didn't expect her to be this small, but still very nice to see!
  10. All experiences are personal, but for me, no it would not make me proud. Those are all material things, they don't really matter in life.
  11. Haha, she really doesnt look happy! But it sure makes a cute picture. The cruise liner has to provide the appropriate life vest for any passenger, young or old. When you arrive in your suite, just make sure it's there, if not ask your steward(ess).
  12. I agree, definitely book a private tour! I have done it in the past and will keep on doing this. It might be a little more expensive then those big group tours, but you get the most out of the time you got, to see the things you want to see and experience. When we did our Baltic cruise, we used the same travel agent for St. Petersburg, Berlin and Copenhagen. (Anastasia Travel) They even gave us a little discount for booking several tours with them. I loved the Baltic and will go back soon. There is way too much to see. And after reading the report from you (sharktums) next time Moscow will be on our list. Thank you!
  13. I completely agree, when you are cruising you never really have a lot of time to truly explore the places. So to make the most out of the time spend ashore, I always look for better options for the excursions. I have found that going on a customized tour will show us the most of what we would like to see. And sometimes the prizes are not even that much higher. Our first time in St Petersburg, we also had Anastasia tours help u. 2 days packed with sightseeing and ballet. Just wonderful!
  14. Hi, Ports can be cancelled at anytime. And its not just the Captains decision. He will consult with many people to get all the info. The port authorities and the corporate office are also involved. And when this decision is made, it is really for the safety of the passengers and crew. So I always try to make the best of it. Regarding tours, if you book privately before commiting, just ask them what happens in case of cancellation (make sure to have it in writing). Just make the most out of the situation if it occurs.
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