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  1. As long as you really want to go, don't let him stop you. Give him all the numbers to contact your just in case. And if he doesn't like you travelling alone, tell him to go with you!
  2. HI, First congrats on your anniversary. In my opinion you should also look at the more luxury cruise lines. They might be a bit pricier but more is included. So create a list what is important for you. And because you don't really know what you would like, a travel agent specialized in cruises would be a good idea. Once you have a more specific idea, you can ask us again and we would all be happy to help! Good Luck
  3. Yes you need to have the US passport. Maybe just try to call NCL, you never know. But I would not get your hopes up. And DO NOT stop looking for the box! Good Luck!
  4. HI, if you really like to explore on your own you will need a visa. And as others mentioned before, i would not recommend it either. Maybe if you really want to "explore" it would be an idea to contact a local travel agent if they can suggest something. (then you wont need a visa). For both our Baltic tours we booked a customized tours in St Petersburg. It might be worth while to contact them, we loved Anastasia Travel. I am sure they can answer all your questions and help you decide.
  5. I have spent the majority of our cruise on the balcony. Yes it was cold but blankets were provided and a good cup of hot chocolate really warms you up! We spotted a lot of wild life.
  6. Hi, I agree with trosebery, There are many travel agents with whom you can book tours. For us we got in contact with Anastasia Travel and after our first conversation, I knew I had found the one for us. Easy communication, answers to all of my many questions and excellent suggestions. We end up customizing a 2-day tour which we truly enjoyed. Make sure the visa situation is covered. Enjoy your time there!
  7. We always bring a cup that can hold hot and cold drinks. And mostly I use it to keep my coffee hot.
  8. Hi, just look into all places where you want to go and take note of what you like to do/see. All cruise ports in the Caribbean have also local travel agents. And if you are able you could even do it all by yourself. And a good tip was given already before; do not take the taxi at the gate. Walk a little futher away and the prices will be more reasonable.
  9. Hi, when we were in St Petersburg last we did a customized private tour. The first day arriving we had a "relaxing" breakfast. Most of the passengers left very early and got stuck in immigration. Our travel agent already told us they could only meet us a little later. After the crowd died down, we went out and our local guide was already waiting. A perfect beginning to a fully packed 2-day tour. I loved the Fabergé museum. (Thanks to our tour organizer, Anastasia Travel) cause I didn’t think about it until they mentioned it and that we should not miss it. At night we went to the Folklore show. The guide was very nice and I loved all the stories about life in Russia.
  10. I love the Navigator but haven't booked a cruise on her for a while. Now I am getting excited.. tonight I look at the itinerary and convince husband we need another cruise!! Happy to say the convincing part is easy, we both love to cruise!
  11. Haha, who would even want to drink from a fountain with statues? Always use your common sense.
  12. Sorry we have not used that tour company. We did spend time in Geiranger. What tour are you thinking of?
  13. I believe nothing is ever for free, its most likely to be included in the total price. But is sure feels good, that when you book Regent and you get "free" business class tickets. Its a good start or any cruise and I love Regent for it!
  14. For bookings in the restaurants. If what you are able to book online is not really to your liking. Maybe no table for two or different timing. Then go as soon as you arrive on-board to the reservation desk, so they can change it if there is anything available. Sometimes they offer you the embarkation day also as extra cause they like to fill the seats. To get extra reservations, you can also pass by the restaurant just before you go for dinner... They might have an opening. But for a second reservation you need to be flexible with sharing and time slot. Or you book a master suite... then you can eat there every night or get it served in your suite!!
  15. I do agree, on all our cruises we never had a problem that bad. Ok, we had the occasional leak but in most cases it was solved within the day. And with just a water leak, it doesn't stink right away, it takes a day or 2 of being soaked until the smell get unbearable (I have been through that at home once). Normally they do try to help as much as they can. But a full ship means no empty cabins where they can move you to. I hope in the end it all worked out and you had some compensation.
  16. Hi, we have been lucky enough to visit the Baltic twice. When I first started researching the tour options I found Anastasia Travel. When they were talking to me about the tour options, I remember thinking, I can always ask how much a private tour would be. I am so glad I did!! surprisingly it was not crazy expensive. We had such a good time, that the second time we visited St Petersburg, we contacted them again!! So why not just ask when you are researching the tour options? And if you would contact them and you are thinking of booking more tours in the Baltic cities, ask about their options (they give discount if you book more tours with them) And I love discounts, so I can spend that money somewhere else
  17. Definitely have Helsinki in the itinerary! Its a wonderful place. When you walk from the ship to the center you will pass the market square. Oh my, such wonderful food. But be careful for the seagulls, they love it too. I am not sure if you did, but in your situation an open-jaw ticket would be perfect. Fly into London and home from Amsterdam (or the other way around) For tours. There are many, I have used Anastasia travel for both my Baltic trips. I first got in contact with them to customize our tours in St. Petersburg. You will love that city! There is so much to see and so much to explore. We ended up with a full 2-day private tour. Elizabeth was our guide on both days and I firmly believe that we fell in love with Russia because of her stories about the history and life in Russia. Also if you are thinking of booking tours in other cities, they can arrange it and will give you a discount. I will follow you on your quest to arrange the perfect trip!!!
  18. If there is no immediate rush for you to go home then I would book after 10.30 or 11. So you do not have to rush off the ship and you do not have to wait too long in the airport.
  19. For us, we booked our private tours with Anastasia Travel. Our guide Elizabeth was a resident and she made the city come to life with her knowledge and stories about living in Russia. We fell in love with St Petersburg and are in the process of booking our third Baltic cruise. Enjoy your time!!
  20. We have done a Baltic cruise 2 times now. The first time we docked in Warnemunde, such a nice place to just walk around. But the second time, we were docked in Rostock.... and boy, we were lucky. The Hanse Sail was in full swing. There was a big crowd, lots of places to have a drink to watch those majestic big sailing boats come by. We had such a wonderful time.
  21. you mean you are starting your cruise in Venice? Or is it a stop on your trip? Anyway, your trip is still far away, so you could wait with booking your flight. And you are not in the peak season so booking a little later should not be a problem. Or maybe you can book a flight with no or low cancellation fee?
  22. Pre and post cruise syndrome, I suffer from both.... Ours is still a while out and in my mind Christmas and new year are already over and I am thinking of packing and getting ready....
  23. If the mattress is uncomfortable, I always ask for help. Once on a Luxury liner, the mattress was too soft for me. When I asked the stewardess what she could do, I was amazed what happened next..... the carpenter came and they put a piece of wood under the mattress. I slept like an angel for the rest of the cruise.
  24. I totally agree, treat others like how you like to be treated! always look people in the eye and smile. It doesn't cost anything and it makes the world a little beter. It does happen on board cruise ships, but I also see it happen in restaurants were I have a meal.
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