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  1. Wow, free YC experience not even an upgrade. You must be very pleased, can you share the reason ?
  2. MSC has not been FORCED to cancel, YET. Then the ball is on the other foot.
  3. I believe that within 3 weeks all cruises will be cancelled. I hope so as the virus is too dangerous not to take seriously, just reflect on Italian situation and we are just 14 days behind them statistically.
  4. MSC are managed by incompetent clowns and will never cruise with them again.
  5. ..........but they make up for it elsewhere, MSC ships stink of stale tobacco.
  6. I never mentioned CELEBRITY, it applies to everyone except Carnival Corp Cruiselines.
  7. Making a US refundable booking then cancelling - yes you get your deposit back (dependant on the US agent - some have fees) but YOU rebook at the prevailing rate. So you will seldom win, its not a loophole...
  8. That is exactly the kind of advice that "killed the golden goose".
  9. More than just "wean" the refundable deposit cruises are comparible in price to the UK, but their non-refundable option are discounted by over $1000 on many cruises, significantly cheaper than the UK.
  10. Definitely incorrect, I have assigned an onboard booking to a US TA when on a cruise booked thru’ a U.K. TA.
  11. Sorry Anthony.......... forgot to add taxes of $382 so total would be $1881 = £1437
  12. Hi Anthony.........Sorry been so long getting back to you, internet problems......! I have done a check with our US TA - 27th.June 7nts. Seaside out of Miami - Interior Bella Grade 11 cabin/ 2people / with All in Plus Drinks pkg. + WiFi + $125 obc is $1578 without MSC 5% Voyager discount ($78) So total would be $1500 (£1145 for 2 people) You obviously need to add flight costs and probably an overnight stay in Miami. Trust that helps.
  13. Are you being offered obc as a perk with the TA ? What date cruise/cabin are you booking?
  14. We have booked many cruises via the US without any problem whatsoever. The only problem you get is with Carnival Corp. cruise lines, the likes of HAL, Princess, Cunard require you to have a US residency whilst RCL, Celebrity and MSC it's not a requirement. We have never had any hassle and have been booking via the US for the last 10 years or more. It has not always been the case that the US was cheaper, from 2016 until 9 months ago the UK was definitely cheaper although refundable deposits is a great attraction and well as the many perks on offer from US agencies.
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