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  1. pepperrn

    Christmas decor?

    I was onboard QM2 for the late November Caribbean Cruise in 2016 and most of the decorations were in place (more added during the voyage). Many of the decorated rooms can been seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pepperrn/albums/72157627503155752 Photos from the cruise can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pepperrn/albums/72157676774009275
  2. pepperrn

    Princess Grill Suite: Eating at Main Dining Room

    Wise words from Bell Boy.
  3. pepperrn

    Princess Grill Suite: Eating at Main Dining Room

    I agree with LadyL1 above; if late seating, even with the ship "full", there are usually still some places available in the Britannia Restaurant. I remember one crossing where QM2 was said to be sailing "full", yet upstairs in the Britannia Restaurant (late seating) there were many tables (for four or six) unoccupied each and every night of the voyage.
  4. pepperrn

    Speakers on mini cruise

    As I can travel to/from Southampton without flying (and therefore without weight/bag restrictions), on the Southampton-Hamburg-Southampton trips I've packed formal wear just in case there is an "optional" formal night. Indeed on quite a few short Cunard cruises I've noted several people on each trip dressed formally regardless of there being no scheduled "official" formal night during the cruise.
  5. I with some others above; whilst one could immediately disembark, go shopping, and then join the ship once more, I don't quite understand the need to do so. Passenger ships are packed full of food and drinks (no-one ever went hungry or thirsty on a normal cruise!). People can eat/drink twenty-four hours a day if they so wished. Surely one of the many pleasures of travelling is discovering new/different food and drinks? So what if I can't get my favourite brand of crisps (chips)/nuts/etc, or my usual type of drink. A short time without them, whilst trying something new (and maybe discovering a couple of new favourites?), will make me appreciate the usual/boring/routine stuff when I get home. How did I acquire these long-time favourites anyway? Because, a long time ago, I tried them somewhere.
  6. pepperrn

    Basic QM2 Facts Needed

    I don't think the plans are to scale (and have several errors). I've been in both rooms, PG appeared smaller, esp near the entrance. Having eaten three meals a day for nearly two weeks in the Queens Grill Restaurant, I can confirm it does not feel crowded or cramped in the slightest. Princess Grill: Queens Grill: I hope this helps.
  7. pepperrn

    Basic QM2 Facts Needed

    Excuse my attempt at humour above, in actual fact, the PG dining room is smaller than the QG one from memory as quite a siginficant portion of the floorspace in PG is taken up by the stairs from Deck 7 to Deck 8, whereas the equivalent space in QG is used as dining area.
  8. pepperrn

    Basic QM2 Facts Needed

    Wouldn't you expect more room in QG?
  9. pepperrn

    Steamer Chairs

    On Deck 7. Seen here: And here: "Tour" of QM2 here: Hope this helps, have a wonderful time on board.
  10. pepperrn

    Cunard qm2 information

    I also agree with Underwatr and TV24; involve Cunard and it becomes a "meeting" and where are meetings held? In one of the (windowless, bar less, soulless) meeting rooms in "Connexions" under the planetarium. Arrange this yourself with fellow passengers and you'll have a far better venue and a more memorable time. As Underwatr says, the traditional venue and time over the years has become the Commodore Club, near the piano (ie Port Side), 2pm, first day at sea. Not only have you a magnificent view, in a far more comfortable room, plus the bar will be open! Here is the venue and piano (the CC has been revamped since the photo): Have a wonderful time!
  11. pepperrn

    Posting photos

    Note when posting photos, "You hereby grant Cruise Critic the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display any message posted in our message board community (in whole or in part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media or technology now known or later developed"
  12. pepperrn

    New to Cunard...a Few "Foodie" Questions

    Queen Elizabeth, Queens Grill, pages showing one day's dinner menu, from February/March 2018. (Ordering "off menu" (with a day notice) was positively encouraged). Hope this helps, have a great time, Bon Voyage.
  13. pepperrn

    Just off Q Elizabeth ...very disapointed

    The pleasure and honour were all mine Ricki. It was lovely to have lunch with you both. I wish I had been on board for much longer so we could have met up several more times. I truly hope I am lucky enough to meet you both again one day on board a Cunard queen :) . Sincere best wishes and happy sailings for the future!
  14. pepperrn

    Just off Q Elizabeth ...very disapointed

    Things must have gone very seriously downhill since February/March this year when I was on board the Queen Elizabeth and everything was just fine, like my other Cunard voyages. I had a great time (as always). People I chatting with on board have told me recently that, given how good the trip was, they have booked two further voyages with Cunard (something they'd be unlikely to do if the experience earlier this year had been poor). Was the trip without fault? Of course not, but then if I want to be really picky, nothing ever is (being a grumpy old man I can always something to have a good old moan about). Would I book QE again? In a heartbeat :)
  15. pepperrn

    Golden Lion pub

    I'd noted that the Golden Lion isn't currently shown as an "alternative dining" venue (in evenings) on the UK website.