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  1. Hey all, considering our next cruise. We aren't booked again until Sep 23 with NCL. We love how NCL has catered to my wife's food allergies. She has a unique allergy. And NCL has been fantastic with her. They have made her speciality dishes and deserts that were modified from the menu, or that were custom. Our previous experience with Carnival wasn't the best, and from a peer experience with RCL wasn't much better. How is Celebrity with food allergies? Or allergies in general? Thanks!
  2. I mean why be insulting? It's just a guess, and maybe someone knows better than us
  3. You go at whatever time you signed up for. We had our test in Seattle at 1030 and we're on the ship prior to noon
  4. We were on the Spirit for Turkey day in Nov 19'. They had a turkey dinner in MDR and at the buffet as well. It's alright, but like someone else mentioned it's really just meh... because it is cooked for so many people it is kind of bland. I ended up not eating all my dinner and just ordering something else off the menu
  5. I do not believe anyone has the correct or exact answer, but I am curious for thoughts and opinions. When do you believe NCL will release a more detailed slate of 2023 cruises and start to role out more 2024? I know a few are out there now, but not a whole lot. I saw today that CCL is going to be releasing their 2024 cruises soon. Thanks!
  6. I will second that Glacier explorer tour. Hands down our best excursion while on the trip. You get in super close, but make sure to dress warmly. As for on the encore, they do open front bow of the ship so you can look. But the ships also does a 360 degree turn so you can see on all sides. I will say the encore is very large, so it can o ly get in so close.
  7. It's exclusive to whichever cruise line you are on. However, if you are on NcL or RCL or whoever the only way to do it is through the cruiseline excursion
  8. I'm with you there. We had our appointment at 10. And we were onboard by noon. I spent more time in line then waiting for results.
  9. We were the test dummies for testing. Hopefully the Ketchikan and Wards Cove situation is better than ot was for is as well
  10. There is a menu somewhere. But it covers alcohol up to $15. Speciality coffee is not part of the package. FYI, that is now going to be Starbucks on every ship.
  11. Our excursion for Icy point met on the ship and went directly to the boats. We did a whale watching and wildlife tour. If you have. A4pm tour, you will likely have to head back to the dock to meet the excursion. It's really a really quick ride on the gondala
  12. As bird says it works! It's also the most efficient way to and from the action if you are not taking any ncl excursions
  13. With the recent news about cruisers testing positive up in Alaska post embarking, I was curious if anyone knew how NCL tests for this. I know in the Caribbean some of the ports required additional testing and that is how they found out. But In Alaska no such requirement, and once you pass to get on the ship you are good to go. Is it just a matter of someone feeling sick, and then the NCL testing and contact tracing into high gear? I guess we will know more in a week, but was just wondering if anyone knew more than I.
  14. On our Aug 7 ours shows the same. I guess we will find out in 2 weeks
  15. You both would be denied boarding. We are on the first sailing on the 7th, safety and as of now the only test they accept is there own whobis conducted by eurofins.
  16. Wr are getting a nasal swab per the email NCl sent us
  17. And the story that never ends.... good thing the cruise lines were playing it safe by still implementing the CDC guidelines as they prepare to cruise. The starting and stopping would be a major Hassel other wise.
  18. We went for the 10-1030. Our e-docs showed up same day. I also noted the barcode. So I am assuming we can just present our boarding pass barcode and not show them the physical documents? @BirdTravels from our e-docs, it makes it seem like we still won't be able to board the ship until 12pm. Did you read them the same way it? Or did they just not update that language? I was hoping after the tests come back we could board.
  19. What you said about FL made me laugh, but I agree and get it. Yeah I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting nervous. Not so much about catching Covid and getting sick, but more about the having a false positive or even a asymptomatic situation. Haven't flown since Covid, so that should be an adventure
  20. We are staying at 2200 5th Avenue. The map made it seem pretty close, I was just concerned when you get through the gate it is a long walk to the actual terminal
  21. Disclaimer: we are on the encore August 7th. We the people on CC are clearly cruise lovers and will take more chances than the average Joe in the population. My question, for those of us who have cruises booked over the rest of 2021 and into 2022, do the people who you tell think you are nuts or look at you sideways? We are in our 30s and are avid cruisers, but when we tell people we are going this August there is an awkward silence, or people will make a comment hinting that they think we're mad. Question one are we nuts? Question two, who cares? 😉 Question three, anyone else experience anything similar?
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