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  1. @Kazu where did you come across this listing? I didn't realize the mixology classes were included in the Elite Package, but if so I'm far happier about my husband's insistence on us getting it!
  2. Uber tends to be cheaper than traditional cabs. Some airports have restrictions on airport pick-ups but I haven't seen any issues with drop-offs. I'll be sailing on NS this Sunday as well. We'll be staying in FLL Saturday night and plan to use Uber from the hotel --> cruise port and cruise port --> the airport.
  3. Thank you! I kept looking under my travel docs and reservation. I'll definitely print out the confirmations, thanks for the tip, I would have just showed a screen shot on my phone!
  4. I'm 12 days out from my cruise that we booked a beverage package, specialty dinning, and laundry for. None of these seem to show up on our reservation but the charge has definitely processed. How can I be sure these will be reflected when we board?
  5. I've heard before that the spa often offers discounts on port days, is this common an HAL? I'm leaning towards staying on the ship for one of the ports and I know my husband would love a spa trip.
  6. I've used them with great success across Europe and the states. As a broker Viator works to verify the products they are pushing out. When we used them with a cruise they were cheaper, more suited to our desires, and much smaller than the cruise ship tours. If you are looking for alternative tour ideas Air B and B has had "experiences" for a few years now. They have some really unique experiences that are often very tailored to what you want to see and do. I cannot recommend these enough.
  7. We'll be docking in Ocho Rios and I was curious where the best place to pull out Jamaican money would be. I can't imagine the exchange fees on the cruise ship would be the best bet.
  8. Thanks for the info, sounds like it should be pretty easy to get to the brewery and back. The Cayman Spirits Distillery sounds like a good follow-on. It looks like the distillery isn't that far from the cruise port, would you say it's pretty walkable? I'd like to make sure we get some walking in on that day and see a little bit of the island.
  9. I'll be on Nieuw Statendam. I'm optimistic about the MDR. I was concerned they wouldn't seat us since we aren't Mariners but it sounds like it's worth a try. I'll be sure to keep the taco bar as a plan B!
  10. I haven't sailed HAL before and was curious what the options for lunch on embarkation day are. I'd like to avoid the buffet since it tends to be a bit hectic. Is the MDR, specialty restaurants, or the Dive Grill open for lunch on that day?
  11. My husband and I will be in Gran Cayman and would like to visit the Cayman Islands Brewery. It looks like it will be about a 10 min drive, what would be our best bet to get there? I assume taxis will be plentiful around the cruise port but we weren't sure about the return. I've seen postings about the busses but can't tell if they stop close to where the brewery is. Also, are there safe ATMs to pull local currency out near the cruise port? Thanks!
  12. Thank you all so much for the replies. It sounds like the unlimited is a great option for my husband and I and now I don't have to worry about what to do with my sweaty workout clothes!
  13. I'm curious about the laundry services on HAL. Does the laundry service include pressing? I'll need items washed but my husband will largely need things pressed, will we be able to get both accomplished with the unlimited or $20 bag?
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