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  1. Thanx, but your post does not answer my question. Thats what I am asking.
  2. I am awaiting since 30 days my refunds and FCCs for RCI-cancelled cruises. At least the taxes and port fees they collected with full payments supposed to be refunded immediately. Is it illegal to withhold federal/state taxes and port fees when cruises are long time cancelled or will definitely not take place?
  3. Last-ditch-calls-to-arms. His message to TAs "stay in touch with your clients" -----yea it is great to stay in touch with customers who ask again and again " where is my refund." Customer: I was notified by RCI to expect my refund within 3-5 business days, After 5 business days, they told me "expect the refund within 10 business days". After 10 business days, they told me "expect the refund within 30 days".... A CEO shall convey integrity and take his customers serious. But instead he begs for the first class A action....
  4. Timelines are unpredictable in these times. But one thing is sure: Europeans have learned their share and mistakes hopefully will not repeated: the pandemic incrementally moved from East to West with the center of the pandemic now overwhelming the USA. So the situation most likely will improve in Europe before it does in the USA. Certainly Europe (w/o UK) will ban foreign national US citizens from entering Europe as long as the pandemic rages in the US, especially when Europe is recovering (before the US). The political discussions here in Europe also clearly are trending agains
  5. Nobody wants your darn rare Australian ventilation machines. Crew and guests only wanted to fly home immediately. A convoy to the airports would have done Australia and NZ a better deal. Now the world has seen your inhumanity and ugly government which you have elected. Tourists are being refrained from repatriation and are locked in a country they do not want to stay in. My air force was standing by and my national carrier on the expense of my government were not allowed to land in Australia and NZ to pick up stranded tourists and crew. The air force had converted 2 A310 to ICU version to
  6. Well stated Kbonner. I only believe in the statistics that I have falsified myself😁
  7. Not very likely. During the some 3 year recovery phase, RCL has to rely on the bread and butter repeat cruisers. Suite guest cruisers will most likely play a minor roll as the suite prices are not favorable for the "ordinary" suite guest anymore. Everybody has to recover and primarily has to care for his damaged business rather than booking pricey suites. The C&A members will be the ones that build up RCI again. They will be pampered not the one time suite cruiser.
  8. So does the seventh district USCG admiral want the ships sail to i.e. to New York to have them disembarked and fly home? Here are the 7th district boundaries: The Seventh Coast Guard District, with district office in Miami, Florida, is comprised of: South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, Except west of a line from the intersection of the Florida coast with longitude 83-50'West due north to a position 30-15'North, 83-50'West; thence due west to the position 30-15'North, 84-45'West; thence due north to the intersection with the south shore of Jim Woodruff Reservoir; thence along
  9. But what I understand from the article it is not a Florida issue but a federal issue. Isn't the Coast Guard a federal, government organisation?
  10. No they can not decide until May as the transatlantic is scheduled for April 18. I am sure the decision has been made already in RCCL HQ but they remain tight-lipped. They still sell the old itineraries although they will not send the Rh to Europe anytime soon. Its all about collecting cash as long as possible and later change them into FCCs. That is indeed a terrible transparency communication by RCCL. They still lure paying customers on Rh , knowing that Europe will not be ready until summer. Corona numbers are skyrocketing here in Europe with drastic government regulations following su
  11. Why is this statement ridiculous? You paid something according to a specific specification and you do not get it delivered. If you bought a Saab 9-4X and received a Saab 9-3II instead what would Mr Saab444 say then? Doing nothing and waiting for Saab to become insolvent (which they actually did)?
  12. All 2020 Allure cruises from Barcelona are still bookable (at least one minute ago). If Royal knows and decided already that the Allure is withdrawn from Barcelona and they still sell her Barcelona cruises, how shall one call that?????? Fraud????Collecting as much cash money as possible to ride out the storm?
  13. How weird and illogical, don`t they worry then about gatherings in WJ , theatre, MDR, sundeck?
  14. RCI still sells Brilliance transatlantic, although i.e. Ireland is closed and flights from continental Europe cannot be catered due to quarantine. Same with Rhapsody, still going to Tarragona and Barcelona? Why did they sell me last week air from home to Venice ( for May)? Jewel transits the Suez Canal without passengers to Athens. Are they trying to collect as much cash money as possible which they need for operations during possible upcoming stormy days and simply issue paper voucher FCCs. Is Europe really served in spring 2020?
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