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  1. Well I might just do that and have enough FCC for inside cabins for a year 😁
  2. At this point I'm assuming it will go ahead (although I might still cancel before final payment if it looks like I will have to wear a mask, etc.), so I guess I will call and get the price adjusted, thanks!
  3. If I don't get the price adjusted and Royal cancels after final payment I would get 125% of the current higher amount. If I get the price adjusted now I would get 125% of the lower amount.
  4. So far I have only paid a $100 deposit. I booked it on board with NextCruise.
  5. Is this still a thing? My April 2021 TA has dropped about $150 in price, and at this point I'm expecting/hoping it won't be cancelled, but if it does get cancelled I would be cheating myself out of $187.50 additional FCC. Can you even get through when calling (I have to call with international charges, so the longer I have to spend on hold the more expensive it gets), or are they still overwhelmed with people calling about refunds?
  6. A gay cruise would satisfy pretty much every one of your criteria, except for you not being gay I guess 😁
  7. I've never had a problem with meeting others. There is usually a daily meetup, although it's not always very well attended because it tends to be held late at night. Definitely go on the first night. On my recent TA there were also several LGBT lunches.
  8. I've had one booked since before this crisis for spring 2021. I'm keeping it for now but I'm keeping a very close eye on how things develop. I'm definitely not going on a cruise if I have to wear a mask, fitness/gym/pool is closed, or if there is no buffet. I'm also worried about flights (probably more so than the cruise itself). If I book flights now and right before traveling an airline goes out of business, you will miss your whole cruise. Or if the airline with which you're supposed to fly back after the cruise goes out of business while you're on board you might end up stuck buying a really expensive new ticket to get home.
  9. As far as I know they have only announced their cruises through August of this year.
  10. Why does guest services allow one adult to change another adult's spending privileges? That's insane. There are plenty of examples here where parents couldn't get spending privileges changed because the kid had turned 18, yet they did it in this case?
  11. I was there on Rhapsody with the Navigator last month and it did not feel overcrowded at all.
  12. Hello everyone, I am on the current transatlantic from Barcelona to Tampa and decided to book this same TA for next year while on board. I prefer the Vision class ships for their small size and Rhapsody has been great so far. Looking forward to seeing who else is going to join! Jared
  13. No post-drydock surprises that I've seen.
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