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  1. Why does guest services allow one adult to change another adult's spending privileges? That's insane. There are plenty of examples here where parents couldn't get spending privileges changed because the kid had turned 18, yet they did it in this case?
  2. I was there on Rhapsody with the Navigator last month and it did not feel overcrowded at all.
  3. Hello everyone, I am on the current transatlantic from Barcelona to Tampa and decided to book this same TA for next year while on board. I prefer the Vision class ships for their small size and Rhapsody has been great so far. Looking forward to seeing who else is going to join! Jared
  4. No post-drydock surprises that I've seen.
  5. I doubt that any cruise ship comedians would make any overtly racists jokes, just like I doubt that the jokes the OP was complaining about were overtly transphobic. People are too thin-skinned these days.
  6. I have heard people have gotten Crown and Anchor points for Atlantis cruises on Royal Caribbean ships but I'm not sure about NCL.
  7. I have received the following response from Special Needs: There should not be any problems onboard treating a Guest who requires a [redacted] injection … providing that the Guest brings along all of the necessary medications for the duration of the voyage in properly labeled containers. Once we know which ship the Guest will join, we can ask that the medical staff onboard assure that they are prepared to welcome the Guest. We suggest that this Guest transports all of her medications in carry-on luggage to minimize the potential for diversion or loss of medications, and that all medications remain in their original, labeled prescription containers. We can ask the Medical Center staff to permit the Guest to perform injections in the Medical Center, for the sake of sanitation, if she so desires. However, if this guest chooses to perform injections in the cabin, the guest should meet with the State Room Attendant or the Environmental Officer upon embarkation to further discuss the disposal of the used needles as a medically Hazardous Waste. The Environmental Officer will assure that our company infectious waste disposal policies are followed: Requesting the Guest to dispose of any liquids generated from their circumstance directly into the toilet. Providing the stateroom with a closed lid waste receptacle lined with a bio-hazardous bag for care of needles or pouches of bio-hazardous waste. Instructing the Cabin Steward and immediate Supervisor regarding the extra handling precautions required. As I usually advise… at the sole discretion of the Guest, a complete medical report from the treating physician at the time of booking would be of great benefit for the entire shipboard Medical Center staff. Then, Guests are best served by presenting to the Medical Center with a complete medical summary (history, medications, and allergies) upon boarding. The Guest and treating physician should consider the following carefully before any cruise: There is no Hematologist available on the ship. Medical conditions, when unstable and poorly controlled, are potentially life-threatening, especially without back up. These conditions should first be stabilized prior to embarking on a cruise, where a Guest may be at sea for several days without any immediate hospital and or specialist back up. The proposed itinerary is not within the U.S., and the availability of specialized shore side facilities can be problematic. Prior to any travel, we strongly suggest that Guests contact their own Health Insurance carrier to determine what benefits they carry… particularly their benefits for Medical Providers outside of the United States, as well as available Air-Ambulance and Repatriation benefits. In fact, for short trips, any traveler is well advised to purchase Travel Health Insurance with defined out-of country Treatment and Repatriation benefits… even if this coverage might be redundant. Finally, the Guest should be made aware that there are charges associated with being treated in the Medical Facility during the course of the cruise, and that ordinary health insurance does not cover costs for this treatment. If the Guest requires the assistance of our Medical Center staff, charges will be assessed, and an itemized bill will be provided which can be submitted to the Guest’s insurance company after the required injection is charged to the Guest’s onboard account.
  8. I guess we do. She picks it up at the pharmacy and then usually her GP's assistant or receptionist injects it for free.
  9. What other detail do you need to know that I haven't already provided?
  10. Good thought but it is indeed an intramuscular injection, not an infusion.
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. The reason why I mention the jurisdiction is that she can't learn to self-administer (even if she wanted to) because self-administration is not allowed in our jurisdiction for this particular condition, so there are no classes for it and you can't buy the materials (needles, etc.). I will send an email to the special needs department. Worst case she can go without the injection for one week and/or plan the previous and next injections right before we leave and get back. Telling someone to not cruise because of this seems a little excessive.
  12. What do you mean by "told that she could have her preferred name added to her account"? And what would that actually accomplish? If she wants to be called something else couldn't she just tell whichever crew member she is interacting with how she would like to be addressed? The only crew member I can imagine even being relevant to this would be the stateroom attendant. I can see why Guest Services wouldn't just change a name to a different name that is not on a legal document, that could get them and your traveling companion in a lot of trouble with CPB. Unfortunately what you are told before the cruise is not always a guarantee that things will be the same once on board. RCI really needs to work on this discrepancy. Complaining about a joke during a show sounds really petty, especially if it was a comedy show. I'm gay and I've heard plenty of gay jokes during (comedy) shows and I don't go to Guest Services to complain about them.
  13. Self-injection is not allowed for her condition in our jurisdiction (it's not diabetes), plus she is too squeamish to do it.
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