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  1. I have heard that it will take 30 days to get the ships staffed, trained, and to their home ports so it will be close...
  2. Hey Ombud. I think you mean the Carnival Miracle? At any rate, definitely more kids on Carnival, especially going to Mexico vs Alaska. Our family has been on Ruby, and loved it (kids were 15, 13, 9 and 7) and prefer Princess's kids club to Carnival's. Also Princess has fresh water pools that are warmer than Carnival's salt water cold pools. Carnival has water slides and an arcade along with the kids club, if it helps
  3. Thank you, but this post is about one parent traveling with children. I have my spouse with me, but traveling with my daughter's friends. I did read the post though Cheers
  4. Hi. We are cruising on Carnival with our daughter and she is bringing a couple friends. I had heard that we need to have a letter from the friend's parents, but I cannot find anything official on Carnival or the web. Has anyone here experienced this before?
  5. Thanks Webzila, that is definitely a bummer. Would be cool to enjoy the night time in this port
  6. Can anyone let me know if the ship stays in Cabo overnight when it is in port for two days? And if it does, can one get on and off via tender all night? The itinerary isn't clear. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all. Sorry if this has been a topic before, but we are cruising in April on the Miracle out of San Francisco, and I have a vegan daughter going on the trip with us. Are there many vegan options for her other than fruit and salads? I have heard about a vegan patty at the grill, but I haven't seen it on menu's when doing a google search. Thank you!
  8. We have stayed at the Hotel Maya three times for cruises from both Long Beach and San Pedro, they have a cruise and stay package that includes parking for the week and transportation to the terminal. But usually we walk the 15 minutes it takes to get from the hotel to the Long Beach terminal. And its a beautiful hotel with water views that allow you to see your ship come in in the AM
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