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  1. We have had Prosecco with the classic package several times.
  2. Last November I posted about using Uber in Sydney. Now curious about using it in Auckland. Is it available there for transportation from the airport to hotels, cruise ports and back to airport at the end of the cruise?
  3. We are staying at Quest Serviced apartment in Auckland both prior to and after our cruise in March, 2020. We have a two bedroom and will be sharing it with another couple so the price is better. Room will be serviced every other day but it depends on the length of your reservation. We also booked the breakfast included option.
  4. Yes, for me the new drugs are not an option. The home monitoring machine after my insurance was still quite expensive. My local lab test costs under $2 per test. The machine and all the supplies were almost $1000. I will check again when I hit Medicare 👏🏼👏🏼
  5. Thanks, just gives me an idea anyway. I have travel insurance with medical so they might cover a little bit but at least I have an idea. That darn drink package messes with my numbers 🤣🤣
  6. I will be needing to check my INR while onboard the Solstice. I know they can do this test but was wondering if anyone has had it checked and any idea of the cost. My health insurance probably will not cover any of it. Thanks
  7. Thanks, just signed up for it yesterday. Love the fact that no charge unless you use it!
  8. Thanks, Verizon has $10 a day (24 hours) for international use. I believe it includes calls and texts as well and is charged only if you use it. I will be going to check with them soon. T-Mobile is notorious for poor reception in our neighborhood. My son (who lives in another state) has to lift his right leg, stick out his tongue and put tin foil on his head to get T-Mobile reception when they are visiting us.
  9. Thanks for the speedy answer. Still looking at options We have always just made the arrangements by phone so making them by internet will work just fine. Thanks again
  10. We frequently use Uber for transportation here in the US. We would like to use them when we land in Sydney to get to our hotel. We will not have mobile phone service when we first arrive. What are some suggestions to arrange for transportation using an Uber?
  11. Sailing into Charleston several years ago an caught this amazing sunrise!
  12. For sure don’t ever take a cash advance. That’s why when my bank said it would be viewed as a cash advance when using a pin for ANY purchase, I started to worry. We never carry a balance so never have to pay interest but when they start talking 27%.....yikes. Everyone has has been so helpful with thoughts and ideas. Thank you all so much!
  13. That’s basically what we do here in the US. This may be nothing but didn’t want to get on vacay and not be able to pay for the things we need or want. Thanks for all the input.
  14. Our current card is great for international travel. No foreign transaction fees, good exchange rates and not connected to our bank account but we just don’t have a pin. Here most signatures are electronic or on the receipt and not every minor purchase requires a signature at all. We have been all over Europe, Asia and Russia but never needed a PIN but, I will do whatever it takes. Getting more excited the more plans we make!
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