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  1. We at O'Sheehan's quite a bit on the Breakaway and the Dawn. On the Dawn, two of the people in my party had cabins on Deck 8, so it was very convenient to get food and especially drinks!! I have two thoughts about O'Sheenan's. They have the ambiance of the neighborhood pub down, but the food is nothing compared to what you would get in a home town restaurant. Breakfast is usually good - hard to mess that up. But the lunch and dinners - soups seemed watered down, not thick. Chicken wings are not what you would get from a hometown pizzeria. We always tried a few things early in the cruise, decide what is good and order that the rest of the week, while staying away from others.
  2. Awesome - Thank you - I printed it and sharing with all my family
  3. Price has been a factor for us. On my last cruise, be booked the kids in an interior and then had a balcony across the hall. This worked out really well, because everyone got to enjoy the balcony view, like when pulling into ports or looking for dolphins.
  4. This is a great tip. They are definitely larger and at the same price. You can't beat it.
  5. On the NCL website, when you look up your cruise, you will see studio listed on the left side of interior. That will give you the current price and if there are some still available.
  6. Yes all this information was helpful for me. Thank you for posting this question. I am on the Escape in April. I am happy to here the Brew House on the Escape is a full bar.
  7. Yes the muster drill will be early and will definitely not conflict with dinner plans.
  8. I have to agree with BirdTravels. There is a very long chain of command, a lot of time and miiles between the access person and the actually security people that will be checking in your bags on the day of the cruise. I would spend the few dollars and bring the water. If they won't let it on, you are only out a few bucks.
  9. I needed water for my sleep machine. I called NCL a couple weeks prior to the cruise and a gallon of distilled water was in my stateroom when I arrived.
  10. Burns are painful and can be life-long. It appears NCL is doing everything right in getting medical attention to their employees.
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