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  1. I just got through after about 15 minutes on hold on the Crown & Anchor # 1-800-526-9723. Best of luck. Karen
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before, but can you cancel on line? Karen
  3. When we were there in August, the water park was "gated" with two turnstile-type entrances. You needed to swipe your sea pass to get in and also as you left, I believe. I don't believe you can get in there without having purchased a pass for the day. Unless things have changed since then. The Oasis Lagoon pool is not far from the water park. Maybe you could "park" the others there. Close to the food as well. Karen
  4. Yes. That's where we were, but down a little further, almost to the bridge area. We also took a walk to the other side of the island (not far at all) because people were saying that's where the "good snorkeling" was. It's the area that says "Snorkel Area" on the map above. Chairs and umbrellas are set up over there as well. We did see some more fish there and a guy said he saw a lobster, but it was VERY rocky on that side, so bring water shoes if you plan to head over there to explore. Beautiful views there as well.
  5. Hi, Yes, as a Royal Caribbean excursion, the Stingray excursion was the cheapest way to get to that beach. Read it on here somewhere and it panned out. Lunch not included, but there's a café type place on the island where we had lunch, not expensive, food was good. They have a buffet that I think was around $22/pp or you could pay per item. Waitress service. Typical beach food. Beach did have a current, but not enough to "pull you out to sea". Hope that helps.
  6. Water park/slides are by package, no selective pay within it.
  7. I really feel for everyone with cruise schedule issues, and even more so for those who live in harms way. I'm sure people have said it here a hundred times, but if you CAN'T be flexible with your plans, DON'T book a cruise to the Carib or Bahamas during hurricane season. And always buy insurance if you do take a chance and book it. You could be the one on an extended cruise, missing flights, or you could be the one with a shortened cruise, feeling cheated. Hopefully it's a lesson for the future.
  8. Not sure if this helps anyone, but we just stayed at the Hyatt Regency right in MCO. It's a beautiful hotel, with a pool on the roof and a gym. You can come and go throughout the airport to shops, restaurants. We loved it. Not expensive at all and I believe they offer 24 hour cancellation. And if you have a car, lots of things to do near by while you're waiting to figure it all out. Prayers for all fellow cruisers coming and going, and for the Florida residents as well. Karen
  9. Sorry, just saw this. We did this earlier this month. Bought the Stingray excursion because it was cheapest and then just used the beach and chairs. We did actually attempt the Stingrays, but it was VERY unorganized. We got there early and they didn't seem to be ready for business. There was a woman in the pen with the stingray trying to "calm it down" Which seemed strange to me. Then they started handing out life jackets, but it didn't matter where you were in line, they just handed them to whomever. They didn't have many kids-sized life jackets and had to retrieve more. So while others behind us in line were already in the pen with the Stingrays, we had to wait for them to get more kids-sized life jackets. After about 10 minutes, we just left and went to the beach. But yes, the chairs and umbrellas are "free". They also have a water park on one part of the beach. That was an extra $20/pp to use. Beautiful beaches though. Enjoy! Karen
  10. Yes, we received half back for our day there. I understand others received their full excursion price back. Not sure why that was...maybe they didn't get to use the park at all?
  11. They scan your pass when you exit the water park and rescan when you reenter. We only did it once, but I'm sure you could come and go. Be one of the first off the ship. Worked well for us at the beginning of the month, although by 10ish there were already lines. Storms closed the park in the afternoon and some never even got to ride the slides, so I was glad we were up and out EARLY. Enjoy!
  12. We saw EVERYTHING being worn in the dining room on Mariner at the beginning of the month (4 nite) on both adults and children. Including flip flops and tee shirts, including on the one formal night. Most were dressed according to guidelines though.
  13. Huge Oasis pool is free...wave pool is part of the Thrill Park and therefore costs to use it. Food was sooooo much better then normal private island buffet lunch. Enjoy!
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