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  1. Ok first off Singapore is no where near what NY/NJ is seeing in cases they have 3,669 confirmed cases with 10 deaths. My point was many people believe the virus is not as strong in hotter and humid weather. It seems man hot / humid places aren’t on the rise as badly as the US
  2. Where? Most place humidity is no where near what the summer humidity would be. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. You also have to factor in if we get a second wave of the virus as many predict it will be seasonal.
  4. I don't know what to believe anymore with everything going on. I am booked in November and I don't think we will see this cruise. I am no doctor but we have to hope heat and humidity kill this virus.
  5. Cagney's is phenomenal. I usually save it mid week but can never go wrong with any days
  6. As long as the numbers go down and they can keep this under control they are not going to make cruises sit. The media is blowing this up like they do everything else. My GF is an ICU nurse and I work in a Police Department so I know how serious this is but the cruise industry will be back before 2022.
  7. Spice H20 you should be fine like the other member posted they don't check key cards just don't draw to much attention to yourself. I will also say that NCL does have a strict drinking policy as I am older but look younger and I was asked for my card multiple times by security when I was in the nightclub near the casino on the Breakaway
  8. They can easily raise the money. I don't think it's a question of that I think many other things factor In. 4 Billion at 12 percent interest rate is nuts
  9. Obviously, I am taking a gamble. I don't think NCL will file
  10. I just purchased some shares, does anyone think it's going to go down anymore
  11. Word of mouth Norwegians seafarers union negotiated pay raises for the workers. Expect prices to go up. I’m all for this as the crew works extremely hard.
  12. YES, Vibe passes are a first come first serve at the desk. I have been told they sell out extremely quick
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