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  1. Does anyone know how long it will take to be credited back the cruisenext certificates after canceling a cruise?? I canceled recently and was looking at making another reservation but they aren't showing up online in the booking section.
  2. Honestly after experiencing some of the rudest adults known to man on the Epic, I'd rather be around playing kids having fun then people that yell at bartenders, hog chairs for 18 hours a day and have the look of displeasure on their faces for being on a beautiful ship for vacation of all things. People need to chill out and realize that they are part of the most fortunate people in the world that get to sail on ships like these. Anyways.... We booked the Haven for our Encore sailing a couple of weeks ago as a 1 time splurge and it looks like it will provide more value than expected here possibly.
  3. So the consensus is to just stick to the Haven restaurant for breakfast right?? No reason to venture out for that?
  4. Thanks! I think I will! He finally emailed me last night. I had to message NCL through Facebook. He claimed he's been trying to call me and my phone was disconnected. I've been making and receiving calls every day for the last week no issue. Then one time I got ahold of him he put me on hold then to voicemail. Lol... I think I'll definitely ask for another!
  5. That's me. I have a PCC. And I still have not received any correspondence from them despite emails, calls etc. To me PCC is worthless.
  6. Thanks for the info! We booked a deck 9 H6 on the Encore for a summer 2020 cruise.
  7. Thanks! We booked deck 9 last week! Did you feel too far from the Haven amenities in that cabin??
  8. Feel free to message me your guy! I'll give him a shot! Thanks
  9. Thanks.. I did send them a direct message as well.
  10. Just an update... Still zero response from my PCC. Sent several emails.. No response. Called him directly. No answer and voice mail box is full. Honestly not sure what to do at this point. I would dispute the charge on my credit card but I only used cruisenext certificates for the deposit.
  11. Yes! We requested deck 9 for the largest balcony. Also fairly convenient to the restaurants etc. We like taking the stairs alot instead of waiting for elevators.
  12. That's great to hear. Where did you send this letter?? Just curious. I'm thinking a private sail away party on our Aft Haven suite balcony would amazing!
  13. Funny enough we ended up booking a 7 day Bermuda cruise instead. We wanted to try out the new Encore. Booked a H6 aft Haven suite. I think we will be very happy it!
  14. Would you guys give up an H6 aft suite for something closer to the courtyard area in the Haven??
  15. From what I understand.... Most of the travel agents are having difficulty getting through with NCL right now due to all their technical issues on the site. Not to mention the Cuba fiasco.
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