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  1. I made advanced reservations at Chops for my wife and I and another couple (in a different stateroom). It seems as if I was (or will be) charged for both couples - the entire cost for 4 went into my cart. Am I reading that wrong, or did I do something incorrectly? Thanks in advance!
  2. Can you bring any sealed water bottles onboard from ports of call? If so, what are the limits/requirements? We weren't planing to bring a case back or anything, but thought it might be nice to bring a few back each day to avoid the high prices onboard. Thank you!
  3. Our plans in Athens are to do a go on hop off bus for the day but will want to visit the acropolis as part of the day. I know now you can buy official tickets in advance, but was wondering if anyone has any experience (good or bad) with “skip the line” tickets from tour operators. We have younger ones with us, so I don’t think we would want a full guided tour, but a package that could keep us moving (and out of the sun a bit) seems like it may be worth it. Any recommendations?? (if anyone has hop on/off bus recommendations, we are all ears as well) Thank you in advance!!
  4. Holy cow!! That response was in record time! Thank you.
  5. I've read that there is usually lobster on the second formal night of a 7 night sailing, but that might just be for Caribbean sailings, I saw a travel blog for the Greek Isles itinerary that did not seem to show lobster for any of the nights. I was wondering if anyone could confirm this. We are trying to arrange specialty dining and don't want to miss a special meal in the MDR if we can help it. Thank you!
  6. We are travelling with a larger group and are wondering if anyone could recommend a company that may have larger vehicles that could accommodate 9 plus luggage. Thank you!
  7. 1) Are there spa or gym showers available on the Jewel? 2) Is there a charge to use them (i.e. spa pass necessary)? Thank you in advance for your help!
  8. We are looking at booking an RCI European cruise, and availability is tight (didn't get our act together soon enough). We would like to get 2 connecting rooms for a relative's family of 5. The cruise we are looking at has available connecting rooms, but they are inventoried for 3 or more people. Therefore, we can book 3 of the 5 in one room, but then cannot choose the available connecting room for the other 2. If they were willing to eat the cost of a third, non-existent, person to be able to book the 2 rooms, what would happen with the no-show? When would they tell RCI, and how would it be handled? Ideally, they would be be able to cancel and refund the "ghost" person before paid in full date, but I'm guessing that would pose a whole new set of problems (like perhaps forcing a room change???). Any recommendations to help navigate this situation would be greatly appreciated!
  9. We are looking to take a European cruise with my brother-in-law's family who has 3 kids (ages 4,6,9). My family has done (and loved) DCL before, but we are finding limited success with availability and accommodations for his family of 5. Can anyone recommend other quality cruise lines (or ships) that we should look into that would be friendly for the family, but also "luxury" for the adults? Thank you in advance for your help!!
  10. I'm having trouble getting a clear answer on this. Hopefully someone can help out:We are looking to get a day pass to to one of the resorts in the area on our port stop in Falmouth. Many people report being harassed by a sea of vendors when leaving the secured port area. What I am having trouble figuring out is where does this secure port area end and what is available inside the secure area. I've seen maps of the port pointing out taxi stands and pickup locations, but I'm not sure if those are inside or outside the recommended area.Obviously if we are heading to a nearby resort, we will need to leave the secure area, but are there transportation/tour options that would make it less stressful for my family to get to that transportation? Are there tour or taxi pickup locations INSIDE the secure area? Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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