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  1. Give the ships at least 24 hours between cruises to thoroughly clean and disinfect the ship.
  2. I’ve been on dozens of snorkeling and dive trips in the Caribbean and have never carried a knife,and have never had a need for one. But do what feels right for you
  3. Just like it says,where the best,not necessarily the most expensive place to get a King Crab dinner on an Alaskan cruise? I ve done some research and there’s a lot of different opinions, thanks all!
  4. Funny you should ay that,I did check Maya Chan’s webcam that day and their beach was very muddy looking, it’s my understanding that they do not remove the seaweed from the water, only what washes up on shore. The other beaches rake it out of the water as well. I believe
  5. Maya Chan is the best when it comes to food,drinks,service and atmosphere, I just wish their beach was nicer. Some of the other places on the strip are able to keep theirs clean,like tropicante, so it’s possible. Maybe someday.....
  6. You really need a boat to get out to the reef. There are lots of locals that run trips.
  7. Possible I missed it,didn’t see any pool with just adults in it ,the ship was packed this week,very crowded even for an Oasis class. thanks
  8. Just got off of Harmony today, the ship is beautiful the crew great,entertainment is good also.... but the pool deck on a sea day is an out of control nightmare! There is nowhere to take a relaxing dip,no solarium pool ,and the main pools are full of kids doing as they please. They have a kids pool,why don’t they use it? Or at least designate one of the main pools as adult only. Going back to Celebrity and staying.
  9. Check with Roatan divers, first rate operator,small groups. The dive sites are very close to their dock so they go back to the shop between dives ,so you can do one or two dives,time permitting. They had a taxi meet us at the port and had one ready for us to go back. Great dives ! Awesome service. I can’t wait to go back.
  10. Video from Palancar reef
  11. Definitely go to a dive shop,a lot of them offer a snorkeling class,would be a fun family activity. I however disagree on the fin recommendation, a full foot fin is more comfortable and perfect for snorkeling, the open heel fins are bigger,heavier,you need boots and are more for scuba in my opinion. Having your own gear is the way to go,don’t forget the mask defogger,enjoy!
  12. Fins are not required but they will make snorkeling much more enjoyable, go to a dive shop and try on several to get the best fit. You won’t regret it.
  13. Rather than try to explain all that stuff,go to a local dive shop,ask their recommendations,try on some gear ask to try it out in their pool,they also may have a snorkeling class or some type of instruction. most of all,don’t overthink it,snorkeling is mostly floating ,looking down and a little kicking with fins. Those folks that look like they aré treading water are doing it wrong. Good luck enjoy your trip!
  14. 1.yes 2.no non aqua guests in aqua,you can eat in MDR with them you want ,and no reservations in blu 3.no 4.yes, you get a free one if you elite or above
  15. I second eastern Caribbean, I had a great experience with them
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